The search engine why repeated website snapshot stagnation

is right down the site. One is the site with IP, another is whether it has the right to be reduced or blocked the site in Links.

1, the most popular or simply to site traffic of the post, but here that a little skill might use. Write the chain can be written as a hyperlink in the reverse. Thus, management can not see your external links. When the search engine included page at the same time, will inevitably bring about a certain weight. Less likely to see not much success, but much effect is obviously. read more

The search engine links correlation principle

is in the very early, probably is when Google and other large professional search engine was born, when the search engine is often based on the matching keyword page inside, according to the relevance of keywords to rank, we should be able to imagine that when you see the ranking is certainly Its loopholes appeared one after another.. As long as you do, you add some words on the stack, "inside, or add some hot words and web content completely Never mind, can get good rankings, but also not very difficult. So, at that time the production site for ranking is easy, no optimization problem is so complicated now. Now, with the search engine algorithm more perfect intelligent search engine ranking becomes not so easy. Now the search engine on the link, increased the analysis of perfect link function, by computing the correlation between the judgment of links, so that we can reduce a lot of rubbish related links. The main is to improve the user experience. read more

nternet entrepreneurs you need to do these homework firstNew leaders’ innovation and entrepreneurs

1. Locate

character introduction

2. sit door waiting

so what do we need to do,

entrepreneurship is the process by which an entrepreneur optimizes or integrates the resources he has or by working to the resources he can possess to create greater economic or social value.

, founder of CEO

China’s new director, senior film and television packaging division, senior planner

a lot of entrepreneurial team, the success in the process of gradually lost themselves, even the pursuit of fame and fortune, but began to go downhill. The pursuit of success certainly, but do not forget the beginning of the heart was the most rare ! read more

Nanchang Lummy plastic surgery hospital the site outside the chain construction experience

found no, then I immediately adjust! Based on the assessment of the amount of the additional surface examination. What? Is the chain widely degree, such as the previous day can reach 10, regardless of the source, now not only to reach 10, and more than 5 or more sources.

early I also try holding the mentality to observe, look at the amount of the chain on the site to improve. Last month, the chain from 3000 to 9000, but the site keyword ranking fall.

2, in quantity and quality, quality as the first consideration; read more

Love Shanghai and use the search engine marketing optimization model

Keywords multi keyword segmentationThe so-called "


through the analysis of the multi effect customer experiment, the number of characters in the length of 8 (equal to 4 Chinese characters) more widely used keywords matching, both from the transformation quantity or from the cost. A game client for example, advertisers registration and registration examination cost, the number of characters for different length keywords were tested, the test results are as follows:

1. characters long read more

How we respond to the website ranking off

, check Links, removed from the chain, chain was K, too obvious to deal with.


as a web site optimization, the first thing to work every day are the basic hand view the web site collected, rankings and other related information, such as me, my day affect the quality of these data directly, perhaps not so exaggerated, but most of it is Shanghai dragon er. But I want to say here is not how to make it off the rankings, but in case you fell, how are we going to deal with.

site optimization must have patience, because the optimization is not do not do a station, after the event can be as you wish to show your results in you, optimization is a gradual thing, is the need to implement the days and months multiplying so, said executive force decided to cut. But the website ranking is not everyone can control, a face off work early in the morning’s website ranking, the first panic, rational look at the results, but the leadership of the blame or customers ask, we should be rational to deal with. read more

Liu Jun do long tail keywords fly traffic

target keywords ranking is important, but how many do website keywords? Shanghai dragon why home page target keywords do one, that is the Shanghai dragon, Sina also made a target keywords, that is the Sina brand Sina keyword. But whether it is Shanghai dragon why or Sina, they can get huge daily traffic from love Shanghai, this is the long tail keywords rely on strong flow. A website to get tens of thousands of daily traffic, we must do a good job in a variety of long tail keywords ranking optimization, optimization of Wuhan Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Liu Jun today want to talk about the long tail keywords. read more

Shanghai Longfeng what should carry on the website promotion

I think we should The update web content

two: Web application and structure of

Shanghai Longfeng what should promote, I am a beginner of Shanghai dragon, it is very superficial understanding, bought a few books to learn about, such as Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon combat password Raiders, there is usually to Shanghai dragon forum, such as Admin5, this article I wrote the first article promotion. I would like to summarize some of the site as a novice how to promote.

: the keyword

website, the website structure of Se tree structure is love, there is some details of things, reduce the spider crawling difficulty, let more pages indexed. read more

Shanghai Longfeng site diagnosis main content

2 love Shanghai Webmaster Tools actual index

4. is robots, alt, strong right, H tags,



2. choice is reasonable, whether in the long tail word

(eight), the search results page, domain name urL specification of



should be included with the website ranking rate proportional to

, indicating the site attractive to users is


2 in the chain mainly to see whether there are reasonable mesh structure set

(two) by


A general marketing Station PV number is two times the number of IP on read more

Shanghai dragon began the third chapter from zero Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking

I love Shanghai 2 chapters introduce ideas, mostly general to introduce how I stood in the perspective of what the Shanghai dragon. The next will introduce the details of the anchor text and text which good? Most people would say to ask this, of course is the anchor text. Then we analysis, if it is true recommend most people would choose the anchor text on the third party website or text on the third party website, this is a problem worth thinking, if I love Shanghai I hope is really recommended, then I will help text weight increase, myself repeated testing, indeed. Shanghai Longfeng students you still can not send third party website anchor text to worry about it, then try to plain text. The algorithm is algorithm of the death of the people are living, they modify the algorithm to improve the quality of search engine. So according to this way of thinking you can be considered a qualified webmaster. This is why so many training schools trained as webmaster webmaster, white, white owners do not understand Shanghai dragon they just to make their own website for users useful starting point and ideas and is not the same as the Commissioner of Shanghai dragon so they stick to it will succeed, Shanghai dragon idea Commissioner how to increase the chain how to increase weight cheating. The starting point and the white head of course not the same as the result is not the same, Shanghai dragon algorithm everything is for Internet users feel change. read more

The enterprise website ten recommendations before and after the Shanghai Dragon

1. to determine the structure of the entire site and no change in

from earth know plays a big role in a web page Keywords and Description has been unable to keywords ranking to improve, but for the enterprise website, the most important thing is to promote their products and spread their information, so the amount set of keywords is very necessary. As for Description, "Shanghai dragon wisdom" in the book repeatedly referred to the website of Description is the best description of major business enterprises and contact information, sometimes also can play the effect by surprise. Of course, as for how to set up, that is different, each one takes what he needs. read more

Please note that the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon er

5, the pursuit of quality! But many webmaster, labor does not contribute, every bubble forum, just for the pursuit of the unstable and low weight of the chain; or soak in QQ, exchange Links efficiency is extremely low with chatty style; furthermore is a bit hard for the pseudo original and even the wrong characters are not willing to carefully pick out, anxious to have robots for you to write original, may? Work every day a lot of time, but the quality is very low, no results! People spend half an hour to write the original idea, the top days pseudo original, the effect can be the same? My station in Ji’nan of Shanghai the dragon, has no BBS signature of the chain, our foreign chain more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity. read more

The Page Title Optimization Title

manually modify the Title title after only 7 pages to repeat the question, this is my no solution, the reason is the repetition of these titles are automatically generated, check to check their web page title repetition problem can be landed nobility baby webmaster tools in HTML, in order to better modify.

want to know the search engine go with the user, fill in the Title header to ensure that users can smoothly read this page is what, then the search engine will think that this page is what. So we often find that. read more

Website optimization from order to communication problems in the production process

1.3. domain name registration and filing information with sales or customer service and customer communication

?Write the title and description of the

3.4. website optimization of some customers during their own updates, the updates are copied directly from the Internet, this is the person in charge or customer service and.

three, the content and the chain

is responsible for the project communication

2.3. in the station audit process if binding sites without 3W domain name is the station optimization professional and customer communication from binding or the person responsible for the project operation read more

To improve the working efficiency of the five methods of website optimization

had to admit that Shanghai Longfeng chain is a very huge and tedious work every day, most of the time will be spent on it. So we must say: one on the edge of the work when the edge of a summary to improve the work efficiency of the routine, we can learn from others, but must be for you. I do now is to promote Dalian wheat marketing planning website, updated daily blog, forum to do outside the chain. Here to share with you I summed up in the work of their own routines:

four, the chain, it is best to open multiple browser or multiple windows at the same time. After all to open the window, copy an article, paste in each site blog again, and then in second copies…… This method can save a lot of time. read more

Website optimization simple is true optimization

, website optimization we do not hold the purpose of deliberately >

second, the content of the website is best to true to life. I see a lot of websites, the content is only content, just vapid expressions, in fact, the site itself is for customer service, the user is the living individual, but not to the user as wood, just to show their own characters, the content of what is, users enjoy reading it, this has nothing to do with me. Especially the acquisition of the site, some pseudo original tool collector, these operations you’re really put the user when people look at you, on the surface is to search engine, in order to update and update, is in fact not hurt the user, the user’s attention and support, the site is eventually to be search engine into the abyss I always believe that, at one point, they would be ten days of the original a day, do not copy 100, excellent website, do not deliberately optimization, but naturally, we really gather efforts to write articles, heartfelt articles to readers, all my soft are holding my readers after reading can benefit attitude, are the original article. read more

Website optimization techniques have

Here are some

title, if the length is more than 38 Chinese characters behind the content will be love Shanghai ignored, the customer experience is not good

4 column

navigation can be arranged more than one keyword, you can consider important keywords as far as possible by the left, Chinese see what habit is from left to right, the search engine is for customer service, I would like to give weight on the left than on the right side of the high word. (in my opinion)

No doubt the importance of the read more

Website traffic and conversion rate equal

Related reading:

: a high traffic site, low conversion rate. I believe this kind of website is occupy a certain number. Encountered such a problem, is the most troublesome thing website manager. Why do I say it? The site itself has a qualitative flow, but the conversion rate is always a gentle period. If you can not effectively and timely discover and solve problems. The site at this time, the impact will be great;

to build a website belonging to the previous work, to improve website traffic and conversion rate is belonging to the late of work. After the two factors, in a unified planning process. The two is to contrast? Whether the high traffic sites, the conversion rate will have significant change? For this kind of problem, is the problem of website optimization staff often need to think of. According to these two problems, can be considered from two aspects. read more

The ranking is not stable webmaster how to survive

many owners in the promotion of the time, in order to search engine weight effect, all love to promote business name. For example, our company is the construction site, with "Shanghai site construction"

substation construction

from the recent love Shanghai update site is very much affected. K, right down, ranking dropped and so on are uncommon. No matter what is the purpose of love Shanghai adjustment strategy, for most of the webmaster or on the website for students to website optimization and promotion for employees, can afford to toss the ups and downs. Especially the regular site, even if manslaughter may be restored. But a few days did not make their own income to do rankings off site without performance with the boss to explain how. read more

Discussion on how to correctly analyze the website of Shanghai dragon er


find a good competition, we must through the core keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking, the construction of the chain, the website included quantity, Alexa ranking, social media marketing comprehensive comparison on their own website, web site, clear differences, find themselves lack of website, and later to take certain measures to accelerate lack of respect, the purpose is to outdo each other.

? address, thank you!

unless noted: This article Zhao Yangang original blog, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the read more