4 directions for the development of Shanghai dragon line

some friends do Shanghai dragon do actually learn all kinds of knowledge that we reject, code, program, art, not what the server knowledge help to Shanghai dragon? Then ask, why is it such a friend as you do in Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon chicken do Shanghai Longfeng what not to do? Do code that program, art, knowledge does not help to server station? Maybe you will say too much too complex is not conducive to the development, to learn fine. I can only say you to find an excuse, I never let you not to go to school how to run before, but without a heart to run, walk this thing as not. What’s more, Shanghai dragon really need a lot of site related knowledge, and life will continue to surpass themselves, learning new things, or it will soon be eliminated. read more

After the 300 World War Sogou play

Sogou input method

first asked a question, love Shanghai get so big in the search market share has China, even the nobility of babies are not a good discussion, how do other people search

then, @ Guo ang 9 published a micro-blog:

second: famous broke @IT deep throat micro Bo said, Sogou to Tencent, offer 2 billion dollars. Before Sogou web search effect for @ 9 Guo ang reply: not really.

enemy? Friends? Frenemy

and 360 is the essence of the browser wars, the past is now too, so in fact, Sogou has little effect. The arrival of this day as early as everyone expected, is a little bit earlier. Sogou students need not nervous, the income is not important, not less, before the old 4 time much longer than the old 2. The most important thing is to continuously improve themselves, keep the leading position in technology and products, and the introduction of more valuable innovations. read more

5 steps to improve site keywords ranking

distribution of rigid distribution not only pay attention to the nature, the user experience is not good, will be mistaken for search engine cheating.

1. ensure that people search keywords, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai related keywords can display a word being search, if some words search volume is too small, we can only rely on the website statistical analysis tools (cnzz, love Shanghai) but it has less analysis of search keywords used;

2. is not too broad, such as the "screw" this time is too broad, search tend to search the specified type or characteristics of screws, in order to find the information they need; read more

nvestors said social applications have been saturated entrepreneurs should switch ideas The world’

just though, we’ve seen a lot of apps coming up for the next platform, such as tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, and virtual reality

in 2005, I became obsessed with the Internet economy and read every book I had about the internet. I have a passion and inspiration for networking. I’ve found that the best way to start an online business is to build a website and then promote aff products. So I began to study and read a lot of books about it. I did everything I could to absorb knowledge this is March 05. read more

Owlii from Tsinghua University wants to get a slice of the dynamic 3D imaging field and prove itse

back to the moment, the current business model of Owlii is very simple. Based on 3D dynamic reconstruction technology developed under the adaptation of the mainstream mobile phone camera developed a set of solutions of Mobile AR and Case by vision based on Case with the advertisers, pictures and other companies to launch customized visual solutions.

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback read more

Who will share his experience with a truly profitable TaobaoHow do use the nternet to earn 300

abacus is very noisy, but always remember: people are playing their own small abacus,

used in some forum on Post Bar see someone how much a month to earn tens of thousands, as the company white-collar me not by the action of the heart, and keep the 3000 dollars a month wages, rather than working on the Internet looking for a part-time job for dry, perhaps can also earn extra money, then do a website to earn money through advertising.

on the first day of work I have registered a poly chest member, and then started my real Wangzhuan road every day, some simple operations, in addition to their brains, the first day I earn 67 coins, second days to earn 187, ha ha, as of today, I have earn more than 600 coins, in the network can directly exchange value of 500 yuan of Mobile Recharge Card read more

How do entrepreneurs find reliable user requirementsTwitch’s founder says from introverted programme

entrepreneurship seems to have been myth, must do big things, must make a stir around the world. In fact, many times entrepreneurs are based on the idea of their own brainstorm, began to invest time and energy, to build cattle products. But in this case, even the first thing to do a valuable product is not done, that is, to ensure that the user needs to find their own is reliable.

recently, the game live website Twitch has become a hot spot of media attention. Rumor has it that shlf1314 will buy the site for $1 billion to boost its status in online video. Before this news came out, Twitch was not known to the public because it was a web site dedicated to game enthusiasts. Obviously, the game player is a market that can not be ignored. read more

Salesforce’s Do out of the new version of 0 yuan marketing by hundreds of thousands of usersThe year

          China of online shopping by increasing the size of online shopping market is huge, and every day in Taobao’s huge volume of transactions, while a large number of businesses or small sellers need to promote their products, so Taobao customer nature is their first choice, and as to promote products of Taobao customers, naturally to get further development. 2010, >

With the advent of

in 2011 the year of the rabbit, off the 2010 as a member of dogged by bad luck, a heart Wangzhuan industry go forward with great strength and vigour, a lot of emotion, I do Wangzhuan only the sh419 alliance, shlf1314 Adsense and other Taobao customers, all kinds of Wangzhuan my contact is not much, but since I did these Wangzhuan industry I think the most, can support myself, and will not hesitate to go on the road is Taobao off. I have a feeling for the out of the ordinary CPS, but also believe that the higher is the future trend of development, in this awesome rabbit year, Taobao guest Wangzhuan road in the end can go far? I have summed up his own opinions. read more

sh419 alliance and shlf1314 Adsense gap gradually smallerShop monopoly Fuzhou specialty opening yea

Miss Wu opened the shop is very ordinary, selling things are not unusual, we are often able to see the Fuzhou specialty, such as olives, dried meat floss, yanpi etc.. However, after opening in 2006 April, it took only one year, and she raised the monthly turnover to nearly 40 thousand yuan. At present, this shop has been Fuzhou’s largest specialty Monopoly shop.

      recently found that the income gap between sh419 alliance and shlf1314 Adsense more and more small, the gradual increase in the overall level of sh419 sh419 alliance, although shlf1314 has action, launched the 2, in fact just recommend some more products, but these products do not put much stationmaster estimate. read more

Take out 3 complete takeaway system requires WAP app small procedures one can not be less Wu Bo e

O2O can target traditional retail

WeChat as the mobile Internet era can not be ignored entrance APP, its new WeChat small program for the Internet entrepreneurs have guiding significance. Jianghu takeaway 3 also carried out a small program supporting, and this small program retains most of the functions of APP, so that all belong to the flow of entrepreneurs are nowhere to dodge.

Wu Bo left the net and started his seventh venture. This time, he said, it was completely upside down. The past six start-up enterprises are from the first tier cities, requiring large sums of money, pay attention to rapid scale. And this time, Wu Bo said, go into the three or four line city, do not need venture capital money, the target is small and beautiful. read more

Let the webmaster who sells links earn moreWhat is the logic of knowledge start ups

one, knowledge, entrepreneurship, fire,

, first, let’s look at the earnings of the links I sold on a link site abroad. My 2 PR4 websites sold $170.31 a month, totaling about more than 1000 yuan. Post the PayPal collection. I can change the size of the picture so that it can be displayed on the page.

on June 3rd, thousands of chat held the "knowledge drain break" summit, invited more than 300 KOL, the platform has registered lecturers 800 thousand, courses, and income of more than 500 yuan lecturer reached 50 thousand people. read more

From the end of Beijing multi creation space Zhongguancun Wangjing CBD get together the fold about 1

In addition to the



the gap between North and south cities is large. Zhongguancun, Wangjing and CBD are three major hot spots,

I have been silent gratitude to the old classmates, because he did not a recommendation, I may have missed the go on the road of entrepreneurship and the Internet IT.

boss because of the strong recommendation of the students took me in, I started from 250 yuan monthly salary, second months really put their store performance doubled. Then, in third months, I opened my own first computer company. read more

n recent years the most worthy of Shanzhai foreign nternet start ups TOP 10An idea is not difficu

, but if you have ten of these in your head, don’t be the one". Pocket money is always there. Moreover, a web site was done, of course, a single page now was not what hope, but to move the brain, may try their page than you would think or rumors of live much longer.

mode: * * * >

10.Bang you firends: social networking era about cannon first artifact

so what is the ideal state?. Some people search through sh419 or GG, If You Are The One, If You Are The One If You Are The One film, download and so on, out of ten, which they point? Two factors determine their mouse falls in that website that is ranked with the title. This ranking is basically the first sh419 monopoly, so we should try to appear in the search rankings after the introduction of several others eye position before that use roller, general Sina so big to do a special what position put ahead to occupy, so to a good location, at least you have to start speaking for the grassroots as early as December, not only do you If You Are The One, Nazan July August took up, at least to the "weight" rise up, as for the specific operation that you can recount. Ranking does not necessarily have other people point in, then it involves the remaining one of the title of the problem, the search results in front of several, I rely on what you do? Your title attracted me, I will point. Sina, it’s second, but I might not like the official headline, because I might just be downloading it to the internet. Now thunder is drag, a lot of people are looking for pieces by thunder thunder, then there is a dog with sh419 search, it’s data, then sh419 has ranked it straight from the dog, the dog come in search of the ranking of the good as long as you the title of his appetite, basically rushed to you the. Probably also about two thousand of the IP, through the use of GG advertising, there are two dollars a day. read more

A new round of returnees Entrepreneurship transition and cross borderThrough the acquisition of the

, do you want to sell your website? Why don’t you talk to · CEO Matt of SayMedia, Sanchez Matt Sanchez, and SayMedia just raised $27 million. Sanchez says it will use some of the money to buy other websites to grow SayMedia.

of course, there are still many returnees entrepreneurs acclimatized, how to overcome the acclimatized still returnees entrepreneurs need to consider an important issue. The Secretary of the Party committee, EMBA course professor Yu Mingyang School of economics and management Antai Shanghai to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "the ability to adapt to the market environment China returnees are very different, some returnees stay in a foreign country for a long time, do not understand the China market, is not down to earth, especially some technical background returnees, professional skill is very strong, the market is very weak, have a good product or technology but there is no way to promote." read more

Let the site quickly is the major search engines Three new board O2O Unicorn born in 2014 died in 2

since 2015 March to get financing, Zhuge world for rapid expansion, the number of service stations from 132 to 216, including the number of employees expanded from 85 to 390 people at the end of the year….

2015, Zhuge world was ST risk warning, founder Qi Qing did not mind, he told the media, "in the Chinese stock market, Internet Co is ST normal again.". If the Jingdong listed in the country, it will certainly be ST."

January 2015 -3 months, the world continues to introduce Zhuge Heding Long Feng wisdom Valley two equity investment institutions to provide working capital to the company, completed the B round and C round of financing totaling 195 million yuan. read more

Flipboard design director like the flow between storiesMake money on the site must be clear in the e

as a webmaster to consider what is, how to use the site to make money! All the money mode can not avoid the question of what is your site in the end is who earn money? Or use a professional term explanation is: user analysis and market segmentation. This is also my recent problems in thinking, to write down their thoughts of income, is to share with you.

therefore, while providing the best content, Flipboard also offers an immersive and fluent experience, like reading a magazine. "On Flipboard, we encourage readers to do only one thing: flip.". Open the application and start flipping. By minimizing obstacles, users are encouraged to focus on content". read more

The webmaster do Wangzhuan the attention and time managementEarn quick money thinking is listed afte

A few days ago on the Internet to see a

listed more than 2 months of SF and new action, this time they aimed at the lottery industry.

everyone’s time and attention are rare resources in the era of knowledge economy, and attention is the production factor of knowledge worker. Wangzhuan owners should be careful management of time and their attention, make it the appropriate configuration, in order to get the maximum production effect. You do not know exactly what make money online? Maple network video advertising revenue is still in growth, up to now this month May 12th at almost 12 points is about $20800, but this should not be the next six months to the biggest annual income source, I believe that in the future a few the year prior to the next financial storm with insurance fund business is the main source of income, which is also my money inside the "traditional industry" network will be the main source of income. read more

Valuation or far beyond New York Times Buzzfeed preparations for listing in 2018Dark horse Sogou Pi


apparently, the IPO plan suggests that BuzzFeed is not going to be bought. In 2013, the media said Disney made a $500 million offer to the company and was rejected by its head, Jonah Peretti.


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.union.heima8

BuzzFeed is the new media benchmark in the United states. Although the contents of the web site has been criticized by the traditional media, is considered "vulgar" "rubbish", but it could not stop the user traffic soaring all the way, the traffic in 2014 surpassed the "New York Times", in the United States third news website. read more

Starting a business is forcing you to do what you hateSecret Wangzhuan economic man profit model

six, to undertake online advertising to make money

what exactly is the information economic man? Why do I say I nearly fell into it? I’ll give you a detailed explanation. Please take a good look at it. First of all, let me introduce the information economy man. The main station of the information broker is xxjjr/, xxjjr/soho/, mid=free158, which is the address of the sub station which I got after registration. The information brokers should be on line in March, which I can confirm in their filing information. read more

shlf1314 AdSense updates about introducing user registration AdSenseTai Chi microcode sales CPC prod

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

thank you for introducing AdSense to your users all the time. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

from the beginning of the month, no additional options will be displayed in your account for you to add a referral link unit that can guide users to access AdSense products. The existing referral link, which has not yet reached $$100, will continue to accumulate revenue until the end of the month. After that, we will completely stop providing the plan. The existing referral link will continue to be displayed on your web page. read more