24 07 17

with the advent of the cloud era, as the bright younger generation cloud hosting market has been diverted to the host virtual host market leader, so there was a voice, a virtual host is to gradually withdraw from the stage of history and was replaced by cloud hosting and virtual host? In gradually decline in the occasion, a host of major companies another is a vast world, launched a new virtual host, the next generation is expected to turn the tide, to regain market share, reproduction of the old glory.

so, what is the next generation of virtual hosting, to win back the hearts and minds of the vast numbers of users, what’s the charm?


first generation virtual host is not just a single host, but a set of host +Plesk host panel solutions, not only inherited the traditional virtual host in high quality and inexpensive advantages, overcome the defects the virtual host is also a great breakthrough, and the function is more complete. So then we have to answer a few questions users are most concerned about the form of what is revealed to the next generation of virtual host. read more

24 07 17

today met a friend online, want to do a local portal, but temporarily do not know how to start, the old end by the way to write a simple business plan, the following is the main content:

profit model:

: local advertising, home advertising division place, such as home car section near the connected car class advertising, delicacy section position after catering local advertising, advertising position of home is not too much, focused, so that the content and advertising match each other, does not affect the user experience and make the advertisement to maximize value, advertisers also love this kind of advertisement.

: two different sections can be their own business – such as local friends can do party, driving, group purchase activities such as can be directly linked to a delicacy like businesses to discuss to you after an advertising fee, you for him to write a article to eat his shop, not advertising, the effect is absolutely good advertising than directly. And so on, now not list, in short, through activities to expand your site’s influence, and gather a group of loyal users you stand. These are in your website has certain popularity later. Of course, you can also get some organization fees from it. read more

24 07 17

website construction market is experiencing a silent change, the traditional station can, similar to 3721 years to promote the real name of the network to give electronic business cards can carry out marketing era has gone without return. This change is reflected in the aesthetic view of the continuous distillation, more and more enterprises put forward higher requirements for the design; not only is the design, enterprises also pay more attention to the interactive, pay attention to network marketing and traffic conversion unprecedented enthusiasm, as soon as possible this marketing mostly stay in the bidding website optimization, search engine marketing promotion. But this is a trend, marketing website construction is also put forward in such a big background, compared with the past, the function of the website is only publicity and display, the marketing website construction is enriched more content. How does the website sell? The Shanghai website construction company pilotage science and technology believed that, the successful foundation application is essential, the website carries on the packing to the brand and the product effectively, and gives the human to be reliable, is indispensable. read more

24 07 17

A few days before

, finally himself, and set up a website, because there are two stations, a local portal station + local site navigation (supplement). Because I am the master, but also to learn photography, a long time ago to do a photography website, because the strength is relatively weak, had planned to do a site navigation photography website, can feel very troublesome, to record, to promote. Of course, even the most simple site navigation, but also carefully, and the more simple things, the more can not be taken lightly, or will only blindly delay effort, lose more good opportunities.

, the site navigation I made was an example, because I didn’t do much to promote it, although the keyword ranking was good, the number of people who used it was still very small.

I will do this through about read more

24 07 17

small Mu: logistics TOP has not been on-line, get logistics company sponsorship, I was a small mu, just graduated. University studies logistics management. Now worked in a logistics company in Guangzhou. Let’s talk about logistics, TOP. In fact, this station for me, I have been hard to give up the feelings. From the sophomore day, when I had it, I couldn’t stop it. I knew all my friends. Because I am studying logistics, and also in the logistics industry, coupled with my interest in logistics, has always been pretty agricultural. So I always wanted to use him as a logistics station. About the experience of this logistics m, I was also in the A5 domain name essay in the draft, interested friends can go to see (destined to associate with logistics, I and my logistics meters). This meter has done logistics navigation, then met a lot of friends of the logistics station. Thank you very much for your new station for me at that time. And made a link to him. Unfortunately, for some reason, I gave up the idea of doing logistics navigation. So this domain name has been idle for a long time. read more