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first_imgb) In case the confinement lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, the minimum period will increase to 21 days.c) In the event that the period of confinement extends beyond 6 weeks, the minimum training period is 30 days.The document also advises that the number of stoppage injuries and return to activity may increase, and concludes that the players They will see their physical abilities diminished, as the pandemic stopped in the middle of the season. To reduce the risks, all kinds of solutions are proposed, from increasing the number of players per squad to introducing two more exceptional changes, proposed by the doctor and accepted by the referee, in addition to hydration breaks. The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has sent all clubs a medical protocol in which sports medicine specialists, physical trainers and researchers in Sports Science and Physical Education have participated, in which he recounts a series of measures aimed “at avoiding health risks in the return to competition”. The document, among other things, warns that if the quarantine lasts more than four weeks (we are already in that scenario) will be necessary 21 days of training prior to restarting the competition. And if it goes beyond six weeks, one month.These are the federal recommendations depending on the time of confinement:to) If this is less than 4 weeks, a minimum of 15 days must be guaranteed between the first training and the start of the competition.last_img

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