Solomon Rondón: “The coronavirus thing has escaped from the hands”

first_imgHow’s life going?Since I am not in Malaga (summer 2012) I have traveled half the world. Russia, England and now China, in the Dalian. A good team. Chinese football is growing a lot in infrastructure. More and more players arrive in this country. Enriching experience. Dalian is a city that has six million inhabitants. It is difficult to adapt but they give you all the facilities. The bad thing is travel. Match to match is three or four hours of flight.How long do you have a contract?Until June 30, 2022.How is the coronavirus epidemic affecting?It is a matter of which he has escaped from his hands. We know the real situation, what is happening. It is unfortunate because sports have been suspended and the country is waiting to see what will happen. I hope it is solved.If they return to China and have to leave to face international commitments (in March the qualifying league for the World Cup in Qatar begins), the severe protocol will force them to spend 40 days without leaving the country. Serious problem.Yes, because of the 40-day problem, the quarantine coincides with the elimination periods (the World Cup) that begin in March for Venezuela. They are very short periods of 10 or 12 days. About forty days, if you go to China and start playing, or not, the league, you have to be locked up for 40 days. It is a very cumbersome issue, but it is a matter of finding the best solution and waiting to see what will happen.And what can be done?We do not know. It is a question that has been raised at the club and federation level (of China) and to expect them to make a decision because China also plays qualifiers. They will play at home and then visitors. Last year they started in September and they have three days left.(The Dalian worked at Marbella Football Center without knowing when to return to China).Is it true that he wanted to sign Manchester United?There was something. It was not smoke. They were rumors and very strong. In the end it could not be specified and now I have to focus on the Dalian.How are you doing with Rafa Benítez?Very good. I met him at Newcastle. That first contact was quite enriching and I will always be grateful for having brought me to Newcastle and now here. It has helped me a lot to grow.How did it go in Russia with Rubin Kazan and Zenit? Does Russian dominate?I defend myself quite well. With Rubin I played the Europa League. We eliminated Atlético and Levante … In Zenit we won the Russian League and Super Cup.Rubin paid 10 million euros for you, then Zenit 15 and later West Bronwich 20 … He was always the Venezuelan soccer player with the greatest transfer.It is true. I am the Venezuelan with the most expensive transfer in history. Things have not gone so bad. That goes hand in hand with work and the desire to want to eat the world and know how to listen.He always says that Arango opened doors to all Venezuelans. Arango for us is like a pennant for what it meant and did in Europe with Mallorca and Borussia Monchengladbach. It is a title that is put. We are now quite a few Venezuelans in Europe because the right job is being done and in South American leagues there are also Venezuelans.Let’s talk about the vinotinto and that dream of being able to finally play a World Cup.This is the World Cup. This is the generation with more players outside the Venezuelan league throughout history. We are growing and what we need is to go to a World Cup.How do you analyze the selector change? Departure of Rafael Dudamel and arrival of José Peseiro.It was a decision between the federation of Venezuela and the outgoing coaching staff. We were dragging certain disagreements or concerns on the part of the selection with the federation. The theme of the uniform that everyone knew …The theme of the uniform?Dress clothes during the game that never arrived on time. It is a thing of the past, but you have to remember it because it was what happened. We played in Madrid against Argentina and we didn’t have play clothes. We play against Catalonia and neither. A pretty long story …That they fixed with ‘varied purr’…Yes … Things have been improving and we have to talk in the field. But if there are no corresponding tools, it is complicated. We even beat Argentina 0-1. It was a blow in every way not only internally but externally.Venezuela has a base in the great runner-up team in the U19 World Cup in Korea.A very fruitful generation. The goalkeeper we have is indisputable, Fariñez. There is Yangel Herrera, the midfielder of Granada … a very complete generation.How is Peñaranda doing?He returned to Watford and was on loan at KAS Eupen (from Belgium) and returned. It has a bright future because we know the conditions it has and the quality. He has a career ahead.Rondón is still Venezuela’s top historical scorer with 30 goals.I got it last year. It was something I always dreamed of, that I wanted to achieve since I was little, play in the national team and be the top scorer in the history of Venezuela. I have to leave the bar quite high and keep contributing goals.And what can you tell us about Malaga?Malaga is my second home. My two children were born here. I am very attached to this city. I used to be in Las Palmas for two years and I am also grateful. But Malaga is the city that most closely resembles where we come from. Here I have a house and great love for the fans.Have you ever had options to return?Clear options there were not. But it is not ruled out because I think it is the place where I did quite well.How do you see the team now?I have Juanpi and Mikel there and I talk to them. The situation is complicated. They are not going through a good time and I hope that the bad run happens and Malaga returns to First.Would I return to Malaga someday?Yes of course. I would retire in Malaga and live here quietly.last_img