30 08 17

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: a high traffic site, low conversion rate. I believe this kind of website is occupy a certain number. Encountered such a problem, is the most troublesome thing website manager. Why do I say it? The site itself has a qualitative flow, but the conversion rate is always a gentle period. If you can not effectively and timely discover and solve problems. The site at this time, the impact will be great;

to build a website belonging to the previous work, to improve website traffic and conversion rate is belonging to the late of work. After the two factors, in a unified planning process. The two is to contrast? Whether the high traffic sites, the conversion rate will have significant change? For this kind of problem, is the problem of website optimization staff often need to think of. According to these two problems, can be considered from two aspects. read more

30 08 17

many owners in the promotion of the time, in order to search engine weight effect, all love to promote business name. For example, our company is the construction site, with "Shanghai site construction"

substation construction

from the recent love Shanghai update site is very much affected. K, right down, ranking dropped and so on are uncommon. No matter what is the purpose of love Shanghai adjustment strategy, for most of the webmaster or on the website for students to website optimization and promotion for employees, can afford to toss the ups and downs. Especially the regular site, even if manslaughter may be restored. But a few days did not make their own income to do rankings off site without performance with the boss to explain how.

to promote their own brand

regardless of rules, big website platform is always sitting there quietly. Each individual station is K half alive when you will find at the front of the line are those pages within the website. These prepare in advance, on one hand, but also the prevention propaganda website to changeable period the user can’t find your information. In particular enterprises, many enterprises now have to platform enterprise specialized two level substation, the functions are complete, free charges also have the. Different industries have different choices, generally according to the website ranking in the industry to choose sub station. Site is the chance of K is almost no, so keep this in reserve, can also reduce the survival crisis in a certain extent. read more

28 08 17


find a good competition, we must through the core keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking, the construction of the chain, the website included quantity, Alexa ranking, social media marketing comprehensive comparison on their own website, web site, clear differences, find themselves lack of website, and later to take certain measures to accelerate lack of respect, the purpose is to outdo each other.

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first time we took over a site, the first time is to understand the knowledge of the industry, I do not say this. But we understand the knowledge of the industry after the more important is through analysis of the industry keywords, resume their own vocabulary, if the site had a thesaurus, we should analyze the keywords, because before that you think is not reasonable. read more

28 08 17


as an optimization personnel, make snap of the enterprising spirit is essential, but for site optimization especially love Shanghai, stability overrides everything, if you really want to modify the site title such as the website, the website has the main product changes, this time we have to do is, according to the theme of the new website optimization, first how to do good planning, such as the first from the content page to column page to change the page should be gradual to operate, according to the new words in the premise of ensuring the high quality of the plateau gradually implemented rather than send the chain anchor text is too concentrated to do what. The author through their own practical experience for the website optimization and the webmaster frequently called, do not frequently modify site title, the title change was fatal to the influence of the weight and website ranking. read more

27 08 17

we know that the search results in the title of the information mainly from the content of the page title. However, in order to improve the page user experience, search engine will be based on the actual situation from the title to intercept the corresponding content to show users, it will be different in different search engines. In fact, in order to show users meaning complete title, search engine will be adjusted according to the actual condition of the page.


Title tips

, the first title length

keyword refers to the distribution of keywords in the title appears in the position. Many people love to leave them standing in the key words, the search engine optimization point of view, this is a very unwise.

title, Title tags. The whole article is a topic. Most search engines are extracted from all or part of the title as the title of the information. Therefore, we write the title of the article, to highlight the theme, concise content. read more