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Network advertising friends know the delivery of Internet advertising is divided into many types of

know, like CPM, CPA, CPC, CPS etc. are several kinds of network advertising form our most common, Peng Yucheng to discuss with you today is a monthly display advertising, now almost extinct on the form. Monthly Internet display advertising should be in a few years ago is very popular, large and small sites will be pulled to the monthly advertising to hang every kind of money, but I have not experienced the kind of good things, a little regret. While a friend recently for analysis of the effect of network advertisement opportunity, pondering about the part of small and medium enterprises on the Internet advertising view, feel a lot of misunderstanding, the following one by one analysis, if there are other views, welcome and Peng space honest communication. read more

1 08 17

has been doing station when a free webmaster idea, but the fear of lack of ability so dare to quit his job, just when the new year’s day, the company’s financial problems for most employees, so I resigned, although once faced the pressure of unemployment, but at the same time feel this is an opportunity to try just I can do independent station. At that time, ask some webmaster to do what stand, they all suggest starting from the flow station. I listened to their proposal, one is to do picture station, one is to do QQ station, feel at that time the space that picture station takes is too big, rental space is more expensive also, so chose to do QQ station.

do QQ station, I consider that, because although QQ station flow but the competition is also large, was considered for a long time, decided to do a QQ character signature station, because the index is larger and less easy to update the long tail word. After all, there is just one momentum, say to do do, "to register a domain name, which is QQ character signature spelling initials,.COM, has been registered other people over, so I chose a.ORG domain name weight anyway that suffix can be. The early stages of the site, all earnest updates every day, basically every one is sent by the pseudo original, but after all, is a new station is a new domain name – no weight, in front of two or three weeks only then dozens of IP, but I don’t feel disappointed because I also know that new sites not so fast weight gain, instead of feeling a little lucky because the two and thirty IP are based on the domain name, the domain name registration to not good, not good is zero. After a month of efforts to update the article and continue to do the chain, the site had a little improvement, Google keyword QQ character signature row to the third page, some out of order words, every day there are two hundred or three hundred IP website. read more

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get out of bed in the morning every day to update the site, we also update the site until late night. We do hard work. What we should get? Are we so nothing really? Can we just personal webmaster long in this day and night work? < / p>

has been a station for years, and I’ve been from a designer to a personal station. I have experienced the process that other people have gone through. But we’re a bunch of individual owners. What’s the harvest? Is it just hard, no harvest? I’m here to admire some successful individuals and they can make it. Aren’t they smarter than we are? I don’t think so. Because they insist.

our work without days and nights is a process. This kind of process is also a kind of discipline which will bring up talents in the future. So we get what others can’t get through. This is the most valuable life experience and hone lonely too. The success of such a personality leads to the success of your career. We should not look at the immediate interests. Give up your life sign. read more

1 08 17

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in March 2011 released the first version of WeChat, with the mobile Internet and intelligent mobile phone penetration of the tide, to all-powerful potential across the Internet, whether it is the explosive growth of the number of users, or the activity of users, WeChat in the industry has set a new benchmark. Whether it is PC Internet hegemony QQ, or in the mobile phone cultivation for many years of upstart, all feel the pressure WeChat brings. The reputation of the person known as lest destroy, that is caused by the Tencent but powerful operation promotion ability, similar products, such as rice chat, unfamiliar street, if by Tencent inherent advantages and marketing ability, also is not necessarily better than the micro channel. read more