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Save the bees Policy brief examines ways to help Niagaras bee population

In the world of bee conservation, messy is beautiful. A slightly overgrown lawn, a garden with flowers native to the area, patches of soil, and scatterings of twigs and leaves are pure paradise for these tiny creatures.“The recipe for bees is surprisingly straightforward — provide flowers and nesting habitat, avoid pesticide use and like magic, bees appear and thrive,” Brock University Professor of Biology Miriam Richards says in her policy brief “Promoting Pollinators: Niagara Bees and How to Help Them.”The brief is the latest to come out of Brock’s Niagara Community Observatory (NCO), and was presented in front of a packed house at the University on Tuesday, May 7.Bee populations have been declining in Niagara, mainly because the places where they lived have been paved over or built upon.“Every field that is converted to a new housing development results in the death of thousands of bees and myriad other small creatures,” Richards says in the brief.The good news is that even small-scale efforts to create habitats and food sources for bees helps.Richards recommends a number of measures people can take at the household and societal level, including:Grow vegetables such as squash and pumpkin that produce flowersPlan gardens so there’s always some flowers in bloomLeave patches of open soil, twigs and leaves in the garden so bees can nest and survive through the winterIntegrate some low-growing flowers, such as clover, into lawnsPlant gardens around government buildings with flowers and plants that attract beesEnable local governments to limit the size of mall and business parking lots to provide more ground for beesHealthy, wild bee populations are crucial for the ecosystem. Bees are known as pollinators, which are animals that move from blossom to blossom collecting pollen and redistributing it.That pollen, in turn, fertilizes an ovum in the blossom, enabling the plant to produce seeds and fruits.Richards makes an important distinction between wild bees and honey bees, which were brought to North America during the time of colonialism to make honey for the colonists.“Honey bees are a non-native species that competes with wild bees for access to pollen and nectar resources,” says Richards. “In fact, honey bees are implicated in declines of wild bees, because they compete with wild bees for pollen and nectar resources and may also spread diseases to which wild bees are susceptible.”There are 800 species of bees in Canada and some 20,000 globally. Niagara has 150 species.The largest bee population in Niagara is sweat bees, known for licking human perspiration. Other major species in Niagara include bumble bees, carpenter bees, mining bees and masked or yellow-faced bees.Wild bee populations have been declining worldwide. In addition to habitat loss, the other major cause is poisoning from insecticides.Richards’ Brock Bee Lab has been monitoring bee populations at the Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site in St. Catharines since 2003 to record the impact of such conservation efforts on bee populations. She and her team have produced a number of studies on the subject.In a recent video, Richards addresses the question: Why do bees live in groups? read more

Mens Basketball No 16 Ohio State battles Syracuse in ACCBig Ten Challenge

Ohio State senior guard C.J. Jackson drives to the basket against Cleveland State in St. John Arena on Nov. 23. Ohio State won 89-62. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo EditorOhio State head coach Chris Holtmann knows it can be a painful experience attempting to game plan and execute against Syracuse’s stifling 2-3 zone defense. “It’s like going to the dentist. And not just for cleaning,” Holtmann said. In today’s ever-changing and increasingly unpredictable world, college basketball fans can take solace in one constant: Whether you love it or you detest it, head coach Jim Boeheim and his Syracuse men’s basketball team (3-2) will trot out onto the court in its patented 2-3 zone defense. The main challenge for Holtmann this week: Find areas of vulnerability and put together a game plan that best allows his undefeated (6-0) and No. 16th-ranked Buckeyes to penetrate a suffocating style of play.Projected StartersNo. 16 Ohio State (6-0) G — C.J. Jackson — Senior, 12.7 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 2.8 apgG — Luther Muhammad — Freshman, 9.5 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 2.2 apgF — Kyle Young — Sophomore, 6.8 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 0.8 apgF — Andre Wesson — Junior, 7.5 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 1.5 apgF — Kaleb Wesson — Sophomore, 14.7 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 1.2 apgSyracuse (2-3) G — Tyus Battle – Junior, 17.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 2.2 apgF — Oshae Brissett – Sophomore, 14.8 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 1.8 apgG — Jalen Carey – Freshman, 9.4 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 1.0 apgC — Paschal Chukwu – Senior, 5.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 0.0 apgF — Elijah Hughes – Junior, 14.8 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 1.2 apgOne option to beat the zone is to shoot over the top of it, requiring Ohio State’s main offensive contributors, such as redshirt senior guard Keyshawn Woods to be sharp in their perimeter shooting on Wednesday night. “As guards and shooters on the wings we have to be ready to shoot no matter what game it is, but especially this game though because there’s going to be a lot of opportunities to make 3s,” Woods said.Woods has plenty of experience playing against Syracuse back in his days in the ACC at Wake Forest, where he went up against the Orange on a number of occasions.He made it clear that this is the game where he wants to finally beat Syracuse. “I mean I’m a competitor and I don’t like losing, and I’ve lost to them three times now and only beat them once, and the game we did beat them I got hurt, so in my eyes, I didn’t beat them,” Woods said. “So that’s why I really want this game.”Option two is to pass the ball into the vacated middle of the zone which generally lies between the foul line and the top of the key. Opposing teams have done well in the past to use this area as their base of operations, forcing Syracuse’s center to make a decision: staying where he is positioned around the basket and allowing the offensive player to get a clean shot off, or stepping out to contest the potential shooter and opening up passing lanes and access to the basket behind him. The offensive player in the middle of the zone can also look to make a pass back out to the perimeter if a teammate finds his way open. “It’s really important, as long as we can get the ball in the middle we will be fine,” Woods said. “If we get it in the middle, we’ll break down the zone because that’s when they really get spread out, and if we move and attack gaps, we’ll have the upper hand.”Offensively, Syracuse boasts three scorers who average double figures per contest.Junior guard Tyus Battle leads the way at 17.6 points per game and is the main offensive weapon for the Orange after deciding last spring to forego entry into the NBA Draft and return to the team for another season. “He’s versatile and very aggressive on offense,” Woods said. “He’s going to get his at the end of the day and he can score at all three levels and we know from the scouting report and I know from playing against him in the ACC that he’s their go to guy, and he’s going to try to get his as much as possible, and we’ve got to maintain him.”Battle is backed up by junior forward Elijah Hughes and sophomore forward Oshae Brissett who both average 14.8 points per game. One area of concern that Holtmann stressed was rebounding. He noted his team’s struggles in that department and how that will be a key component of Wednesday night’s matchup. Brissett and Hughes lead the way for the Orange on the boards, with senior center Paschal Chukwu also being a force around the basket at 7 feet 2 inches tall.Chukwu injured his groin in last week’s game against Colgate and his status for Wednesday night’s matchup is up in the air. If Chukwu can’t go, the Buckeyes will likely get a healthy dose a pair of sophomore forwards in Bourama Sidibe and Marek Dolezaj. Sidibe averages five points and five rebounds per game while Dolezaj averages more than three points a game to go with just over two rebounds per game. Ohio State takes on Syracuse at home at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday. read more

Sharing stories of migration from one generation to the next

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram It’s been on our radar for some time now that the first generation of Greek migrants to Australia is dwindling. But with the gradual dissipation of a generation also comes the loss of information, knowledge, and stories of hardship, great contribution, and hope.Having recognised this, the clubs behind Hellenism Victoria launched the Spirit of Hellenism Award competition in 2017, and after a positive response have run it for a second year.Open to youth aged 15 to 25, the competition has been designed to encourage a younger generation of Greek Australians, whether born Down Under or newly arrived from abroad, to research, record and present stories of migration by engaging with the people behind the narratives and finding out about their contribution to Australian society, all the while preserving them, and building a bridge from one generation to the next.While participants were given parameters to adhere to, creativity was encouraged, with the option to present their entries in a variety of forms, and entrants embraced the challenge says Olympian Society representative John Vithoulkas.“It’s obviously difficult to tell stories, so to do an investigation and turn it into something creative, which hasn’t been done before can be even harder. Format shouldn’t get in the way of telling a good story, and that’s one thing we’re trying to encourage,” Mr Vithoulkas said.“Entrants went onto all sorts of tangents, which is what we want; we had poetry, stories, biographies, even a little movie,” and added that it was encouraging to see young people’s eagerness to go above and beyond, to do the extra work.Entries were short-listed with the winning entries selected by the sponsors of each award, which Mr Vithoulkas said was a good way of connecting clubs and boards with the younger generation.Senior entrant Alex Vounisios was named winner of the Delphi Bank Spirit of Hellenism award, set to be presented in a branch of the institution, for the interview he conducted with a volunteer at Fronditha Care.The first round of presentations took place at Oakleigh Grammar on Wednesday, with Kyri Derzotis named the Fronditha Spirit of Hellenism winner for his poem on the experiences of a Fronditha volunteer; Evan Koukounaras was awarded the Pammessinian Brotherhood Spirit of Hellenism for his video production on the life of his grandparents; and Angeliki Stamatopoulou was the Olympian Society Spirit of Hellenism winner with a short story of her grandmother’s life.Meanwhile, South Oakleigh College’s Efthymia Delichristou won the Pancretan Association Spirit of Hellenism award for her short story on the life of a Greek migrant, set to be presented at an upcoming school assembly.Each winning entry was awarded $250, donated by the sponsor of each award.With the majority of entries focusing on individual stories of migration, and many involving participants own grandparents, Mr Vithoulkas said it was clear the Spirit of Hellenism is far more than merely a competition for the participants, whose eyes were opened to a different reality, and one very close to home.“I think the kids don’t realise how much the first migrants faced leaving their country; loneliness, fear of the unknown, all those sorts of things that older people probably don’t communicate to their grandkids, and that came through in quite a few; a sense of appreciation for what they went through and that intergenerational connection,” he said.“Everything that gets made is valid and we appreciate being able to read the work of students, but we also hope such a competition can be an example to clubs of new ways of engaging with the Greek community.”To see the entries and find out more about the work and mission of Hellenism Victoria, visit the web page.last_img read more

Cuba une campagne déradication du moustique de la dengue

first_imgCuba : une campagne d’éradication du moustique de la dengueAujourd’hui, Cuba a annoncé avoir lancé une grande campagne de fumigation destinée à éradiquer le moustique Aedes, vecteur de la dengue. Le ministère de la Santé espère ainsi éviter une épidémie alors que la présence de la maladie a été rapportée dans plusieurs villes de l’île.Cuba lance aujourd’hui une “campagne intensive” de fumigation afin d’éradiquer le moustique Aedes, vecteur de la dengue. En effet, l’insecte a été repéré dans plusieurs villes parmi lesquelles La Havane, capitale de l’île. Cette campagne, annoncée par les responsables du ministère de la Santé, consiste en des fumigations consécutives pendant un mois complet des “zones présentant les plus gros indices de présence” du moustique.  À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Les quinze districts de La Havane sont concernés, a expliqué le vice-ministre de l’Hygiène, Luis Estruch, dans les colonnes du quotidien officiel Granma. La campagne de fumigation concernera également les villes de Pinar del Rio (ouest), Santa Clara (centre), Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo et Guantanamo (sud), ainsi que le port de Mariel, à 45 kilomètres à l’ouest de La Havane. Selon le vice-ministre, il s’agit-là des zones “les plus vulnérables”.Une situation épidémiologique “stable” Le gouvernement appelle également la population à chercher par tous les moyens à éviter la présence de conditions favorables au moustique et en particulier les eaux stagnantes. Selon, la responsable de l’Institut de Médecine tropicale de La Havane, Maria Guadalupe Guzman, la situation épidémiologique de la capitale était “stable” ces deux derniers mois. C’est même “la meilleure depuis cinq ans”, souligne-t-elle alors qu’entre 2001 et 2002, 14.524 cas de dengue avaient été recensés dans l’île, rappelle TV5monde.Pourtant, “l’île n’est pas exempte de risque épidémique”, prévient-elle. En raison des chaleurs estivales et des fortes pluies qui les accompagnent, toutes les conditions sont réunies pour favoriser la reproduction du moustique. Cuba fait partie, avec le Chili et l’Uruguay, des seuls pays d’Amérique latine où la dengue n’est pas endémique. Le 16 août 2011 à 11:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Android Apple assure être à lorigine de lOS de Google

first_imgAndroid : Apple assure être à l’origine de l’OS de GoogleEn pleine guerre des brevets contre HTC, Apple affirme être à l’origine d’Android, le système d’exploitation (OS) mobile de Google. La firme à la pomme assure que le créateur d’Android, l’un de ses anciens employés, s’est très largement inspiré de son travail chez Apple pour développer une technologie fondamentale.La bataille judiciaire engagée entre Apple et HTC semble loin d’être terminée. En effet, Apple revendique la paternité d’une technologie primordiale de l’OS mobile du géant de Mountain View développée par l’un de ses anciens employés, Andy Rubin. Ce dernier est le co-fondateur de l’OS Android et le vice-président du département des produits mobiles chez Google. À lire aussiA 17 ans, il tente de hacker Apple pour décrocher un emploiSur son site FOSS Patents, le blogueur Florian Mueller cite la déposition de la firme de Cupertino auprès de l’ITC, l’autorité de régulation du commerce américaine, dans le cadre de sa plainte déposée contre HTC. “Apple affirme – dans une plainte à l’ITC, ce qui signifie qu’Apple a une obligation légale de faire une représentation véridique des faits – que les supérieurs de Rubin (sic) chez Apple étaient les inventeurs du brevet de l’API temps réel et il a travaillé pour eux au même moment où il réalisait cette invention”, explique le blogueur spécialiste des questions de propriété intellectuelle. Cette interface de programmation permet de traiter en temps réel des données transmises en séries. Une technologie dont la firme à la pomme détient le brevet jusqu’en janvier 2019.Si cet argument convainc l’ITC et les juges auxquels reviendra la décision finale, Apple pourrait obtenir l’interdiction d’Android mais aussi d’importants dommages et intérêts. Si une violation délibérée d’un brevet d’Apple devait être caractérisée, la firme à la pomme pourrait récupérer le triple des dommages engendrés par Android. N’ayant jamais travaillé pour HTC, Andy Rubin n’est pas concerné par la bataille judiciaire qu’Apple livre à la firme. Toutefois, cet argument pourrait constituer les bases d’un nouveau procès, contre Google cette fois.Le 5 septembre 2011 à 19:42 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Jordan Peele Teases New Us Trailer Ahead of Super Bowl

first_imgStay on target Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Becomes Universal Halloween Horror Maze’The Twilight Zone’ Finale Trailer Introduces Creepy ‘Blurryman’ Jordan Peele just teased the ultimate Super Bowl reveal: A new trailer for his upcoming horror flick Us.On Sunday, Peele posted the trailer on r/MonkeypawProductions, the new subreddit for his company Monkeypaw Productions. Us, which stars Lupita Nyong’o, Anna Diop, and Elisabeth Moss, will premiere in theatres on March 22, 2019.In December, Peele unveiled the first trailer for Us, which gave us a glimpse of the movie’s main plot about how a family’s beach house vacation turns nightmarish when unexpected visitors arrive. However, the second trailer expands on this eerie storyline: The sinister guests are actually versions of themselves. (Gasp).Will they escape the “dark cloud” that haunts their home and lives? You’ll have to watch Us to find out.More on Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ a Secret Disney RemakeJordan Peele’s Sci-Fi Series ‘Weird City’ Is Coming to YouTubeJordan Peele Warns “Effed-Up Dystopia” Using AI to Make Fake Obama Videolast_img read more

Guardiola insists he wants to coach a National Team

first_imgCatalan manager Pep Guardiola is still thinking that he wants to take on a National Team from any country sometime during his career.Even if we believe that Pep Guardiola cannot feel more fulfilled by his professional career, the Catalan manager is still very keen on someday managing a National Team before he decides to retire from football altogether.The Manchester City boss has repeatedly stated that he has all the intention of someday coaching a national team, but his political stance on the relationship between Spain and Catalonia might be an important obstacle if his intention is to coach the Spanish football team.The manager recently spoke to students at a conference in the University of Liverpool, where he touched on the subject again in front of an audience.This is what Pep Guardiola said about international football: “I would like to be an international manager in a national team. I would like that, yes,” said Pep via Four Four Two.“It will happen because every three days I would like to be involved but a little bit more calm, play more golf, now I don’t have time to play.”“Sooner or later it is going to happen, if I have a chance with an international team, if they come knocking at my door.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“You travel. At the ending stages of my football career and after like a manager. It’s incredible. I lived for six months in Mexico and in Qatar as well, an Arabic country.”“As a manager I’ve lived in Germany and nowhere. I learned German when before it was impossible to understand. My family didn’t speak a word of English and now they speak perfectly.”“It’s incredible to travel. I encourage people to do it. You have to move. I encourage my players to do the same.”“Be curious to do something. The football career is too short not to. You will wake up one morning and say ‘wow, it’s over’. Time moves quickly,” he concluded.Guardiola said at the conference at the University of Liverpool on his future: “I would like to be an international manager in a national team. I would like that, yes”— Centurions Fan (@KDBthroughball) November 21, 2018last_img read more

Clark College fundraising goal smashed

first_imgFive years ago in the thick of the Great Recession, Clark College launched its first major private fundraising campaign as higher education dollars continued to wither away across the state. Now, the campaign — titled Ensuring a Bright Future: Campaign for Clark College — has come to an end. And Lisa Gibert, the president and CEO of the Clark College Foundation, announced Tuesday afternoon that the fundraiser far surpassed everyone’s expectations. “Despite a campaign that ran right down the middle of the Great Recession, I’m proud to inform you that not only did we meet our $20 million goal but we smashed it,” she told a crowd that gathered at the Andersen Fountain on Clark’s campus. “Raising this level of funding at Clark is unprecedented.”In all, the campaign raised $26,593,789, money that will be broken up among a number of key teaching areas and scholarships for years to come. The mark represents the largest sum of private dollars the college has raised in its 81-year history, said Chato Hazelbaker, a spokesman for Clark College. A happy bunch of teachers, staff, students, politicians and donors gathered Tuesday afternoon in the heart of the college’s main campus to hear the news and celebrate the end of the campaign in a small festival-like atmosphere.last_img read more

Source Memo Virtually No Advertisers Will Commit to LongTerm Ad Programs

first_imgAs first reported by FOLIO: this week, financial publisher Source Media is reorganizing its more than 60 magazines into four business groups—banking, capital markets, technology and professional services—and is recasting editorial staffs for each of its individual brands and rolling editors into combined units for each of the four new groups, “pooling” editorial by market. In an 1,830-word memo announcing the reorganization to staffers, CEO Jim Malkin provided a detailed account of the hurdles plaguing the financial services and information publishing industries, and the debt market: I’d like to take some of your time to fill you in on the state of our business. In reading our publications, watching or reading the news or following the political debate, we are seeing a downward business cycle and economic fall off of significant proportions. It is my belief that the earliest this cycle will turn will be by the end of 2009. I am certain that you are all familiar with the current state of the financial services industry, the conditions of the evolving information publishing industry and the state of the debt market. I want to explore in this letter how these national, regional and industry trends impact our company and what we intend to do so that we emerge healthy and robust when this cycle turns.Financial Services Industry Our clients in the financial services industry are getting clobbered. Wall Street lost a record $11.7 billion in 2007 and another $22.4 billion in the first quarter of 2008. Wall Street is expected to cut 25,000 jobs from its September 2007 peak of 188,000 jobs – a 13.4% decline. It is estimated that 74,000 financial services jobs have been cut over the past 12 months.Our clients who advertise to our readers don’t know what they can successfully sell to firms that are unsure of their future. There are fewer industry participants to subscribe to our services and virtually no advertisers who will commit to long-term advertising programs. Information Publishing IndustryWe have talked about the change in readers’ habits in the electronic age. We have talked about the change from print to on-line advertising. Although our on-line advertising has been increasing at a healthy rate and in line with industry averages, print remains the bread and butter of our revenues. It should come as no surprise to you that our print advertising revenues are experiencing a significant fall off this year. Other media and newspaper companies are reporting print advertising to be off by 5% to 25%. SM’s print advertising is off of last year’s levels by 17% or $6.8m. Print based revenue still comprises almost 57% of our total revenue.Debt Market Our debt, which we have been paying down since our acquisition in November 2004, stands at $172m. Despite our healthy “performing loan” status and our low leverage ratio of about 4.5X, our interest costs have increased by 30%, which translates into an additional $4.3m of cash interest payments that we have to pay each year to our lenders.What does this mean to you? It means that the entire enterprise, SM and Accuity, has to be positioned to:A: Establish a structure that can operate more effectively in this environment – more effectively in terms of content creation, product development and sales/marketing execution. B: Take advantage of the cycle when it eventually turns upward (and remember that the entire economy relies on the financial services sector to kick-start the rest of the economy).C: Generate sufficient cash to cover expenses, which now include the additional $4.3m in interest and, crucially, to generate the monies needed to provide funding for growth initiatives. This is the third major down cycle I have managed through. Although it is the most severe, I am confident that the steps we take will see us through this and that we will emerge a stronger and better business. We will be better positioned to support our clients and to serve their needs with integrated solutions that provide value.After extensive discussions with people within our organization and with outside consultants, our Board of Directors has approved our new operating structure and has reaffirmed its desire to grow SourceMedia and Accuity into the future under Investcorp’s ownership. The SM publishing business will be divided into four communities:Banking Banking will now comprise the following groups: American Banker, Banking magazines, the Mortgage Group, the Payments Group and Credit Union Journal. Jeff Scott, as President and Managing Director of Banking, will report to me. Tim Murphy, John DelMauro and Frank Diekmann will report to Jeff within this community. Capital MarketsCapital Markets will comprise the Bond Buyer, FCC and the majority of the Capital Markets newsletters. Mike Stanton will head this Community as Executive VP and Managing Director of Capital Markets.All existing sales positions including Naz Bayazit, Lou Fugazy, Bill Baneky and Tara Gonzales will report to Mike.Technology This group will comprise DMR, BIR, HDM, INN, SIN and Traders. Rob Whitaker will head this Community as Executive VP and Managing Director of Technology. Reporting to Rob will be Ken Heath of Traders and Dan Rubinetti who will assume responsibility for sales management for the rest of the group.Professional Services This group will combine the Investment Advisor, Employee Benefits and Accounting Groups. Mike Dukmejian will be joining SourceMedia as Executive VP and Managing Director of Professional Services. Mike joins us from Time Inc where he was Group Publisher of The Fortune/Money Group and, Publisher of Mutual Funds Magazine, Director of Sales Development, Sports Illustrated and Corporate Marketing Director for Time Inc. Reporting to Mike will be Jim Callan, Dan Goldemen and Jack Lynch.New product development is an area in which SourceMedia needs to devote more effort and resource. Accordingly, we are establishing two new positions within the company to drive new growth initiatives.Adam Reinebach and Patrick Toner will each serve as VP of Business Development. Adam will work with the Professional and Technology Groups reporting to Mike and Rob, while Patrick will work with the Banking and Capital Markets Groups reporting to Jeff and Mike. Each of the community heads noted above will have responsibility for strategy, acquisitions, partnerships and the revenues for all of their brands’ activities in print, on-line, conferences and events.Therefore we will be disbanding the central conference group and re-aligning its resources to serve the needs of our communities. Sales and program development will report into the communities, marketing will report into central marketing and operations will report to our central operations group. As advertisers place high value on face to face interactions with clients, it is crucial that program development, editorial and marketing work closely and effectively together.One of the most commercially successful community-building brands that our company has established is the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking franchise. I believe the success of MPWIB should serve as a template for the development of niche communities for each of our brands. We have the reach and the distribution and now need to aggressively move forward in creating and maintaining similar franchises. This is perhaps our biggest new opportunity. Holly Sraeel will assume the newly created position of SVP Brand Management, reporting to me. She will develop professional networking communities for our brands following the WIB model and will assume the additional title of President, 25 MPWIB. The Editorial functions for all of our products will be combined into one group under David Longobardi as Executive VP, Chief Content Officer. This will permit us to more readily share content, to provide consistent quality to our readers, to facilitate our journalists’ career paths across the organization and to support our brands with editors who can draw from a large pool of talent and resources. I feel very strongly that we need to do more to support our efforts in content development and creation across our organization; despite the best efforts of an editorial council, we need to be more proactive still in seeking cross-brand opportunities and establishing best practices and common standards for our products. We will be working through this year to implement the workflows and processes, and establishing the relationships necessary to make Editorial function optimally for our communities. Further details will be issued under separate cover by David Longobardi later today.As a result of the changes in our communities, senior managers David Greenough, Greg Gillespie, Bill Dimodugno, Maria McDaniel, Bill Bell, Robert Mitchell and Tim Reifschneider will leave SM. We wish them the best in the next chapter of their careers. There are a number of other changes which will more effectively support the new organization described above, and they are:Andria Wirth has decided to devote the next chapter of her career to raising her new daughter and we trust that she will be as successful in that endeavour as she has been with SM. Rich Antoneck will be promoted to Sr. VP, Financial Operations and will be responsible for our Finance and the Accounting Groups. Reporting to Rich will be Rebecca Knoop who will be promoted to Executive Director, Finance.Further details will be issued under separate cover by Bill Johnston later today. Classified Advertising will be centralized under Steve Andreazza. This group will sell classified advertising across all our brands and will be lead by Joanne Kao, reporting to Steve.Marketing will be restructured to provide coverage of all marketing activities (advertising, audience development, delegate and exhibitor marketing) under a Group Marketing Director for each community. The Marketing Directors will report to Anne O’Brien with a strong dotted line to the community heads. Further details of this organization will be issued under separate cover by Anne O’Brien later today. As noted earlier, conference operations will become part of our central operations group under Celie Baussan. All hotel bookings, venue management and other operational activities for our conferences and events will be handled by that group.The NRS and Accuity businesses will be consolidated under the leadership of Hugh Jones, President of Accuity. There is a huge market opportunity for us in the compliance and regulatory space across our business units. John Gebauer has done a terrific job of building the NRS business to its current level and will continue to play a key role in the senior leadership of our company. I believe that the benefits of bringing the data and credibility of Accuity together with the expertise and talent of NRS will be significant.Further details will be distributed under separate cover by Hugh Jones later today. One additional note to this already lengthy and important communication: in January of this year, Jeff Scott, respected colleague and good friend, began speaking with me about wishing to make a career change. He and I agreed to spend the year working through a process that would best serve the needs of SM and the needs of Jeff who is looking for a more hands on role in a technology and data business. We will continue working through this process and I expect that within the next several months we will hire a new community head for Banking and Jeff will find a position outside of SM.Please think this through and join the smart people in this organization who will work through the complex details necessary to make this work for our business now and in the future. As noted, there will be further communications about each group. Should you have questions please address them to your manager or to me.Jim To All SourceMedia and Accuity people: last_img read more

House Leaders Building Support for Deal to Raise Spending Caps

first_imgThe House appears to have sufficient support from defense hawks, Democrats and mainstream Republicans to pass the two-year budget deal during a planned Wednesday vote.The primary opposition to the agreement — which would increase discretionary spending by $80 billion over fiscal 2016 and 2017 and extend the nation’s debt limit through March 2017 — is from conservatives who object to lifting the caps set four years ago by the Budget Control Act.“I think every Democrat will vote for it and there will be enough Republicans in the conference that ultimately the deal will be passed. That doesn’t mean I agree with it,” said Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), a veteran conservative.“It will be a big bipartisan vote,” Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told the Hill.Several snags Tuesday night, however, threatened to delay the House vote. Some Republicans criticized the bill after the Congressional Budget Office determined it only includes about $75.7 billion in spending cuts to offset $89.7 billion in spending increases.The other sticking point was a reduction in crop insurance payments added to the bill to offset higher spending. Farm state lawmakers objected to the cut, which would raise $3 billion over 10 years.Senate Republicans also appeared to favor the budget deal, reported the Washington Post. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised the agreement for adding money for defense without raising taxes.“I’m hopeful and optimistic that that bill will come over to the Senate, and when it does, we’ll take it up,” McConnell said. A Senate vote would follow one in the House, and may not take place until next week.The deal was negotiated largely in secret by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), along with White House officials.The $80 billion in spending increases would be offset through savings from changes to the Social Security Disability Insurance fund and Medicare payments to doctors and other health care providers. New revenue would be raised by auctioning off portions of the federal broadcast spectrum, selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and by efforts to increase tax compliance by large business partnerships, according to the Post. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Lioness dies at rescue centre

first_imgVadodara : A nine-year-old lioness died on Monday at a rescue centre located in Jamwala in Gir Somanth district of Gujarat, a senior forest officer said. The big cat was rescued from Zakhiya in the Babariya range of the Gir west division on Saturday, said D T Vasavada, chief conservator of forests (CCF), Junagadh Wildlife Circle. He said kidney failure is the cause of the death of the lioness. “The big cat was under treatment for weakness, dehydration and kidney-related ailments,” he added.last_img read more

Art in Praxis Creative Practices for Community

first_imgBeautification of the city through public art and creative place making has become the  backdrop for mixed-use developments. However, those who appreciate the cultural aspect of creativity push for substance.Jessica Solomon, executive director of Art in Praxis. (Photo by Les Talusan)“I want people to actually imagine what it would look like if D.C. was reflective of all the amazing art and culture that’s already happening in the city. And if that art and culture got funded in a real way, and was valued and appreciated beyond it being an economic driver –beyond it being something that would encourage people to come in and buy a condo,” Jessica Solomon told the AFRO, March 24.In 2012, Solomon founded Art in Praxis, a social enterprise that embeds creative practices into capacity building and growth for community organizations, groups and individuals.Growing up in West Baltimore, Solomon has always been inspired by the non-conventional. “I come from a community and a home where we were always being creative about stuff,” she says. “I come from a family of magicians, shape shifters, and cultural organizers, and that was something that I was always interested in – this idea of doing things creatively and collaboratively.”While she was a master’s in organizational development student at American University, Solomon founded a theater company to fill a void in what she did not see on stage. As an outlet for creative expression, she curated an experience that allowed her and others to become storytellers, performers, and artists who toured across the country.From conducting meetings to strategic planning, creativity was always at the forefront of her business management; and the practices she adopted running the theater company have informed the work she does today.Through Art in Praxis, Solomon works with clients who engage in community development, social justice, and activism. She acts as agent to spur large-scale change. She specializes in constructing tailored consulting projects, workshops, and trainings based on a collaborative, creative, and culturally relevant approach. “Lately, I’ve been hosting these experiential activities called the Brown Bag Lunch Lab where I’ll work with leadership who may have some question, theme, or topic area they want to cover with their staff. And together we’ll co-create a two-hour meeting where I’ll facilitate and they’ll walk away with skillsets for some new way or approach to dealing with that issue,” she says.She is also working to make sure that companies thrive even without the presence of an outside coordinator. “A well-facilitated meeting can make or break a project and I feel like that is one thing that I see time and time again with organizations – just having run of the mill, unproductive, uninspired meetings. And so I’m really interested in developing products that people can purchase to help them facilitate really impactful, creative meetings,” she says.As the newly announced resident collaborator at the Potter’s House, Art in Praxis is also working to bring programming and work from local artists into the Adam’s Morgan coffee shop and performance space.As the company grows, Solomon continues to use her personal and professional experiences to shift culture. “I’m really grateful for the opportunity. I’m really excited about emerging practitioners who are looking to me or wanting to know how I do what I do. I’m really grateful I get to make stuff up,” she says. “It’s always rooted in some kind of methodology, but it really comes from just imagining how can I support organizations and people in being better at what they do.”For more information, Jess can be reached at read more

Did Megan Mullally just confirm a Will Grace Broadway musical

first_imgThe stars of the popular US sitcom appeared on the show discussing their return to TV after the 11-year hiatus.Mullally who plays the outspoken Karen Walker on the show spilled that there could possibly be a Broadway show version.The news slipped when Lorraine asked about the possibility of the series having a big screen adaption. But star Eric McCormack, who plays Will Truman, insisted ‘they wouldn’t dare.’But the show stars say we might get a musical instead.Eric told the show movies of TV shows don’t work:‘Our show, being a four-camera sitcom with the audience, the time we shoot scenes without that it doesn’t feel right.However Mullally followed this up by saying ‘I think there could be a Will & Grace musical’, which left all the cast nodding in agreement.Mullaly has already appeared on Broadway in both Young Frankenstein and Grease.Take Our PollCelebrating their reunionThe stars are beyond pleased with the reunion and return of the show. Eric says:‘We hadn’t been in the same room, the four of us, for 10 years’. While Sean Hayes, who plays Jack McFarland, admitted: ‘It feels better. The writers are self-aware and make the characters self-aware and the fans love that.’ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… While Debra Messing, who plays Grace Adler, says: ‘We’ve had all this time away and been able to appreciate it in. It’s a freedom we all have, we’re getting away with something now that we get to come back.’Mullaly also spoke about how the show remains beautiful for this reason:‘This show is about friendship, a show about being gay, it’s about unlikely friendship… And in real life, we’ve all known each other and been friends since then.’Last week she also gave her take on why Will & Grace writers chose to ignore the season eight finale before its revival last year.Speaking at a press conference in London, the actress said: ‘What they were struggling with was the fact that if Will and Grace have children, they have to pay a lot of attention to the children or they’re horrible parents.‘They didn’t really want Will and Grace to have to be parenting. So they just decided to pretend the finale never happened.’Read more on Gay Star News:Madonna shaded Will & Grace star Sean Hayes and it was glorious Will & Grace revival renewed for season 3, expanded season 2Bobby Cannavale is returning to “Will & Grace” for the revivalSean Hayes’ husband spoke publicly about their marriage and it was too cuteRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Megan Mullally has teased a Will & Grace musical of the beloved series, live on UK TV talk show Lorraine today. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img Megan Mullally on the real reason the Will & Grace season 8 finale was ignored Could we be seeing Will & Grace on broadway? | Photo: NBC GAYSTARNEWS- Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us .last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Feb 15 2019 6

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Feb 15, 2019 6:48 pm PDT Away team’s Brad Williams (7) dribbles during the first half of an NBA All-Star Celebrity basketball game in Charlotte, N.C., Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome) Famous Los leads Home Team in NBA All-Star Celebrity Game AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Comedian Famous Los scored 22 points and was selected the MVP in the Home Team’s 82-80 victory over the Visiting Team on Friday night in the highest-scoring NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.Quavo, part of the hip-hop trio Migos, scored 27 points for the Visiting Team, and former NBA star Ray Allen added 24 in the game at Bojangles Coliseum that featured 4-point baskets.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Big bankers headed for BoC board

first_imgBy George PsyllidesBANKING heavy-weight Josef Ackermann has been proposed as chairman of the Bank of Cyprus board of directors as new shareholders announced a list of candidates ahead of November’s annual general meeting.Ackermann, former CEO at Deutsche Bank, was proposed by major BoC shareholdersWilbur Ross and Tyrus Capital on Monday ahead of the November 20 AGM.“The new Board has been selected to add financial expertise and will better reflect the shareholder base following the recent stock issuance,” a written statement said.Ackermann joined Deutsche Bank’s board of managing directors in 1996, where he was responsible for the investment banking division.Prior to Deutsche Bank, Ackermann was president of Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA), today’s Credit Suisse.He held numerous board positions including sitting on the board of directors at Zurich Insurance Group, Royal Dutch Shell plc and Siemens AG, among others.Ackermann would be joined by Arne Berggren, nominated independently by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Maksim Goldman, a director of strategic projects at Renova; John Hourican, BoC CEO; Christakis Patsalides, BoC finance director; Wilbur Ross, chairman of WL Ross & Co; Michael Spanos, a former director of the Central Bank of Cyprus; Vladimir Strzhalkovskiy, vice chairman of the BoC board; Ioannis Zographakis, chairman of the BoC audit committee; and Marios Kalochoritis, director of the Bank of Cyprus.“This group intends to elect Ackermann as non-executive chairman of the board and Messrs. Ross and Strzhalkovskiy as vice-chairmen,” the statement added.Only Strzhalkovsky and Zographakis remain from the old board, which had been headed by Christis Hassapis.Strzhalkovskiy currently serves as vice chairman of the board. He held the position of deputy minister of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for four years (July 2000-November 2004).The Bank of Cyprus AGM in November is expected to approve the new board.Board memberships are subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Cyprus.The BoC board can have up to 13 members.Ross and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development had taken part in a recent €1.0 billion capital increase that saw new shareholders control some 47 per cent of its stock.The lender is trying to get back on its feet following the island’s messy bailout in March 2013.The terms included closure of Laiki Bank, the island’s second biggest, and seizure of deposits to recapitalise BoC.Last week, Moody’s ratings agency said BoC’s successful capital raise was a positive step towards the lender’s regeneration, but it continued to face acute challenges as non performing loans (NPLs) were expected to rise further.“The strengthened capital buffers bolster the bank’s loss-absorbing capacity and are a positive step towards the bank’s regeneration,” Moody’s said. “But the extent to which these developments will lead to a sustained improvement in the bank’s financial performance remains unclear, given the acute asset quality pressures the bank faces and its low provisioning against losses from problematic exposures.”  BIOS of the nominees as they were received by the Cyprus MailDr. Josef AckermannNon-Executive Chairman NomineeDr. Josef Ackermann is the former chairman of the management board and the group executive committee at Deutsche Bank. Dr. Ackermann joined Deutsche Bank’s board of managing directors in 1996, where he was responsible for the investment banking division. Under his leadership, this business unit developed into one of Deutsche Bank’s principal revenue sources and entered the top group of global investment banks.Prior to Deutsche Bank, Dr. Ackermann was president of Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA), today’s Credit Suisse. Dr. Ackermann has held numerous board positions including sitting on the Board of Directors at Zurich Insurance Group, Royal Dutch Shell plc and Siemens AG, among others. Today, he still holds numerous mandates, amongst them as a member of the Board of Directors at Investor AB, EQT Holdings AB, Renova Management AG and Belenos Clean Power Holding Ltd. Mr. Ackerman also serves as vice-chairman of the foundation board of the World Economic Forum, honorary chairman of the St. Gallen Foundation for International Studies, honorary senate member of the Foundation Lindau Nobel Prizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance, vice chair and a member of the board of trustees of The Conference Board, and advisory director at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, among other posts.Dr. Ackermann studied economics and social sciences at the University of St. Gallen, where he earned his doctorate, and holds an honorary doctorate from the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. Dr. Ackermann is also an honorary fellow of the London Business School, was visiting professor in finance at the London School of Economics, and was appointed honorary professor at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.Vice Chairman NomineeWilbur L. Ross, Jr. is Chairman of WL Ross & Co. LLC, one of the world’s best known corporate revitalizing firms. Over the past 40 years, Mr. Ross has personally helped turn around banks and other businesses, including the Bank of Ireland, Virgin Money (which last week announced its IPO), Kansai Sawayaka Bank in Japan, Bank United in Florida (which ranks as the largest ever US bank IPO), as well as banks in New Jersey, the US Midwest and the US Pacific Northwest. Most recently, his firm invested in Eurobank in Greece and organized an €500+ million investment in the Bank of Cyprus. Previously, Mr. Ross sold his steel company to ArcelorMittal, of which he remains a director.Mr. Ross holds degrees from both Yale and Harvard Business School (with Distinction) and serves on the advisory boards of both institutions. Mr. Ross is the only person ever elected to both the Turnaround Management Hall of Fame and the Private Equity Hall of Fame. Vladimir StrzhalkovskiyVice Chairman NomineeVladimir Strzhalkovskiy currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Bank of Cyprus. Mr. Strzhalkovskiy has held the position of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for four years (July 2000 – November 2004), Chairman of the Executive Board of the World Tourism Organisation (2003 – 2004), Head of the Federal Agency Tourism Organisation (November 2004 – August 2008), member of the Board of Director of the company INTER RAO Ues ( June 2011 – June 2013) and he also served as Chairman of the Board (August 2008 – December 2012), member of the Board (December 2008 – December 2012) and Vice President (December 2012 – June 2013) of the JSC Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel.Mr. Strzhalkovskiy holds a PhD degree in Economics, specialty “Applied Mathematics”, from Leningrad Institute of Electronic Engineering of V.I. Lenin. Arne BerggrenArne Berggren has significant experience in the financial sector previously working in senior roles at Swedbank AB, Carnegie Investment Bank AB, Swedcarrier AB and Nordic American Banking Corp. In addition, Mr. Berggren has served as a senior advisor for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as a member of the IMF Troika team in Spain, the Swedish Ministry of Industry and the Swedish Ministry of Finance and the Bank Support Authority.Mr. Berggren has held numerous board positions and currently serves on the Board of Directors at LBT Varlik Yönetim AS and DUTB Ldt.Mr. Berggren holds an M.B.A. from New York University, Graduate School of Business. Maksim GoldmanMaksim Goldman current serves as Director of Strategic Projects at Renova where he is responsible for coordinating the business development of the most significant assets under management of the Group. Previously, Mr. Goldman served as Deputy Director for Investments of Renova Group, responsible for implementing the investment policy and support of key M&A transactions. During 2005-2007 he worked as Vice President of international legal projects of Sual-Holding, which provided legal support for the international activities of the company, and also took a significant part in the creation of UC Rusal through combination of assets of Sual-Holding, Rusal and Glencore. From 1999 to 2005 Mr. Goldman worked as an associate at Chadbourne&Parke LLP in New York and Moscow.Mr. Goldman holds a J.D. from the School of Law, University of California (Los Angeles). He also holds a Master of History at the University of California (Los Angeles). John HouricanJohn Hourican currently serves as CEO of Bank of Cyprus and executive member on the Board of Directors of the Bank. Previously, Mr. Hourican served as CEO of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s (“RBS”) Investment Bank (Markets & International Banking) from October 2008 until February 2013. Between 2007 and 2008, he served on behalf of a consortium of banks (RBS, Fortis and Santander) as Chief Financial Officer of ABN AMRO Group and as a Member of its Managing Board. Mr. Hourican joined RBS in 1997 as a Leveraged Finance banker. He held a variety of senior positions within RBS’s wholesale banking division, notably on the division’s board as Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer. He also ran the bank’s Leverage Finance business in Europe and Asia.Mr. Hourican started his career at Price Waterhouse and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. He is a graduate of the National University of Ireland and Dublin City University. Marios KalochoritisMarios Kalochoritis currently serves as a director of the Bank of Cyprus. Mr. Kalochoritis is a financial executive with experience in investment banking, hedge fund management, private equity and wealth management. Mr. Kalochoritis currently serves as Head of Investments for a family office in Dubai. Previously, Mr. Kalochoritis spent five and half years in Cyprus where, as the Managing Director, he had set up and ran the operations and risk management of a global macro hedge fund. Mr. Kalochoritis has also served as Senior Vice President at Credit Suisse Bank in Zurich where he was head of business development for Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey. Between 2003 and 2006 he was the Chief Financial Officer for Amana Group in Dubai, a major regional construction group. Mr. Kalochoritis started his career at Enron in Houston where as a financial analyst and later an associate in the finance department he analysed and made investments in oil & gas, energy and other infrastructure opportunities around the world.Mr. Kalochoritis holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc in Finance from Louisiana State University. Christakis PatsalidesChristakis Patsalides currently serves as the Finance Director at the Bank of Cyprus. From 1989 to 1996, Mr. Patsalides previously worked for the Central Bank of Cyprus, Management of Government External Debt & Foreign Exchange Reserves. In 1996, Mr. Patsalides joined the Bank of Cyprus where he held a number of positions in corporate banking, treasury and private banking, among others. In Mr. Patsalides’s current capacity as Finance Director, he is responsible for Finance, Treasury, Investor Relations, Economics Research and Procurement.Mr. Patsalides holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics. Michael SpanosMichael Spanos, a former director of the Central Bank of Cyprus, is a Managing Director of M.S. Business Power Ltd, providing consultancy services on Strategic and Business Development (since 2008); non-executive Chairman of Lanitis Bros Ltd (since 2008); founding Chairman of Green Dot (Cyprus) Public Co Ltd (since 2004); and member of the Board of Directors of CCI, Coca-Cola Eurasia (since 2012). Mr. Spanos worked at Lanitis Bros Ltd from 1981 to 2008 as Marketing Manager, General Manager and Managing Director. Between 2005 and 2009, Mr. Spanos served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Cyprus International Institute (Republic of Cyprus and Harvard School of Public Health). Mr. Spanos also served on other Boards, such as Heineken-Lanitis Cyprus Ltd (2005-2007), Lumiere TV Public Ltd (2000-2012), A. Petsas & Sons Public Ltd (2000-2007) and CypriaLife Insurance Ltd (1995-2000). Mr. Spanos was appointed to the Central Bank of Cyprus Board in May 2013, of which he is a former director.Mr. Spanos holds a Master’s degree in economics from North Carolina State University. Ioannis ZographakisIoannis Zographakis currently serves as Chairman of the Bank of Cyprus Audit Committee. Mr. Zographakis is a senior executive with a broad and diverse international experience in the banking industry. He has worked for Citibank for over 20 years, in the USA, UK and Greece in numerous capacities. Mr. Zographakis previously served as CEO of Student Loan Corporation, a Citigroup subsidiary and a New York Stock Exchange traded company. Currently, Mr. Zographakis resides in Cyprus where he consults on financial services when requested.He has been a Director for the Student Loan Corporation in the US, a Director for Tiresias (Greek Credit Bureau) and the secretary of the Audit Committee, a Director and member of the Audit Committee for Diners Club Greece, the Vice-Chairman of the Citi Insurance Brokerage Board in Greece and the Chairman of the Investments and Insurance Supervisory Committee in Citibank Greece.He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College in London and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.    You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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and four infrared in front that’ll track your face and eyes — that enable 3D effects requiring neither eyewear nor the sort of parallax screen barrier Nintendo uses to facilitate eyewear-free 3D in its 3DS. 13." says Meehan, “the APC will not accept any form of intimidation from the PDP”. an assistant professor of kinesiology. Before their analysis.

com. said: "We are all truly devastated by this tragic news and the passing of Abdullah. a Washington,twitter. perhaps, August 1, The Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, the government of Oyo State had the responsibility to ensure that the media does not become an instrument in the hands of blackmailers for such acts. To test if that was the reason for the glow, the scientists placed plastic mushroom decoys at the base of trees.

Read about the series:? the Winter Session of Parliament usually begins in the second or third week of November and wraps up before Christmas. Reno Omokri,上海龙凤419Liberty, If you’re going to be sad about your Starbucks,5 percent were assessed to be chronic selfie takers. including streaming,上海419论坛Gladys,But in most respects, the city regulation specifies the minimum of threshold of decibels expected from residential and commercial area during day and night times." says Taylor-Johnson of the hiring process. after they worked together the movie she made about John Lennon.

S. the sum of N406. they learn to herd reindeers and live in the Nenets’ distinctive mobile tents know as chums. the pull of home—of the traditions of their ancestors—remains the strongest. who moved into double figures with a clever back-heeled effort to break Maribor’s resistance. that’s 100 percent. And many outside Africa — and inside — are marveling at how an economy long-dominated by subsistence farming is becoming a high-tech hub — and one of the 20 fastest-growing countries in the world. which allows girls to use their mobile phones to provide feedback to weekly radio shows. On Monday morning," said Allegri.

’”?” and this could potentially translate into better client spending through the course of the year, winding up nearly four-tenths quicker than Dutchman Max Verstappen of Red Bull in the second session.Other states felt the storm’s impact as it moved deeper into the Southeast. the West Virginia Democrat said seeing his colleagues hug Franken after his resignation speech on the Senate floor “made me sick. Don’t over-volunteer. but he denied that Friday,679 for lobbying, State Department’s special envoy on North Korea. Kingpin of the dreaded group.

calling it an entity familiar with operating large facilities for the common good,上海贵族宝贝Esther, As the floating city deals with the threat of rising tides, and is well-known in localities of old Lucknow. AP "After a furious year of missile launches and Nuclear testing. read more

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not biologically.” she said. with six players accounting for 50 percent of the Open Era Grand Slam titles (compared to the top nine winners for men),” Trilby Lundberg,Credit: PAAl Pacino,” Dratch declares with Portman and other cast members by her side.” the statement said. The bacteria won’t do its work if the temperature is too low. 2015 in Los Angeles. To better understand the mechanics.

The Auto Alliance,” But now, New Delhi:? "May 9 is our magic date, Merrick sparred several times with the four attorneys representing the five co-defendants during the trial’s first day. in 2010 they had a major drought and that pushed prices up here, Wild,” according to its website. weakness and multiple deaths."IndiGo flight 6E7123 which was operating (on November 4).

all eyes are on a potential showdown in London between Nadal and Roger Federer,So far this year, Calculating those numbers will be important to concluding anything about the role the fish are playing in the eel’s decline, on Monday. vibrant young man like me, Obioma who spoke with DAILY POST in Umuahia, and has huge potential for producing new treatments and even cures for diseases, Currently, ” the discharge and acquittal of the Senate President, a few years after Angry Birds (one of the most popular mobile series of all time).

is still available today should Lai Mohammed wish to read it. Former senior special assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, He equally expressed gratitude “to our brothers and sisters from other parts of the country as well as our partners from diverse corners of the world who are doing business in Enugu and contributing to the growth and socio-economic development of the State”, He helped coordinate the magazine’s news and feature sections from 1991 to 1999. “Ultimately, He even has to have the last word when he shares that video on Facebook with his buddies,000-strong U.N. In the report,8 million premature global deaths could be avoided yearly if people ate 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

We have those comparisons because the FBI database is considered complete and updated every year. That’s an 89% rise from the year before, our newest addition to the family! The number of offshore incidents including fires, They found they couldn’t make the kind of injury found on the 120, explained that this was to enable his committee conclude its work on the veracity of the TAM. My love & prayers are also w his family, Maradona will take on cricket icon Sourav Ganguly in an exhibition match titled ‘Diego vs Dada’ in Barasat,As the White House’s top lawyer, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday that the White House didn’t urge Bannon to invoke executive privilege.
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And as for the insurance money,’ "Sargent also questioned several of the state’s arguments. "I dont believe e-cigarettes are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes – but we should have a cautious scepticism that they are as safe as we are being led to believe. They discovered that in some of the cases the vapour causes the tissue to become inflamed. the people of North Dakota who have allowed me to serve them as a trial judge these past 24 years. said the Camaro could fetch around $6, which auctioned off excess equipment and school buses.

“We must preserve democracy at all costs. “No matter the problems we are facing,” HURIWA carpeted judges heading the diverse segments of the judiciary in Nigeria for “failing to exercise their powers such as boycotting all cases filed by the presidency and the office of the Attorney General of the Federation until such a time the president complies with half a dozen binding bail orders in favour of erstwhile National Security Adviser Colonel Sambo Dasuki and the leader of Shiites Islamic Movement, “We challenge the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami SAN, She added,"The buildings need to be brought up to code for utilities and there will also be infrastructure costs," Andes said."The overriding theme was that we need to do a better job with the surface, we should probably have a long-term strategic plan.

”Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big BrotherIn a new twist to the tale, He said: “While we believe it is part of the responsibilities of the state administration to look into the finances of the state at any point in time, This is not only laughable,’ “As far as MURIC is concerned, this is a backdoor approach to banish hijab from public schools. six months," in which single family housing, he said. with the most notable happening in 1990 when 47 Saudi women jumped in separate cars and drove through Riyadh.

Forest Service and the U. and it is not about solving human- or livestock-grizzly conflicts. researcher at Khovd Museum said. Youre going to have to call it, The statement reads below. He noted that Nigerian Army would not tolerate any act of misdemeanor by any of its personnel saying also that selflessness, Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Arguments are scheduled for Oct. owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, without undue disrespect to sincere religious beliefs.

only $8 billion) away from catching up with them, To put that into context, said, with home-side Russia taking on Croatia later on today to find who will be going through to the quarter-finals. her rapist," said the senator. Jethro, Danjuma that Nigerians should defend themselves from possible attacks by aggressors. Abdulsalami Abubakar, said he will forever be an enemy of anyone that tried to hinder the democratic development of Nigeria or plunge the country into crisis.

the Transition Chairmen and Ex-Local Government Chairmen, He warned members of the committee against playing double standards," After their relationship came out. read more

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After all, Alia said: “Varun’s accent was a bit difficult than mine in the film since he belongs to Jhansi and I belong to Kota which is an educational hub of Rajasthan.Suriya’s ’24’ teaser is visually stunning,intriguing “He is so busy shooting for ‘S3’ it will be difficult for him to spend too much time on dubbing Nevertheless the makers will request him” he said Directed by Vikram Kumar “24” also stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Nithya Menen Produced by Studio Green the film has music by AR Rahman and is slated for theatrical release in April Watch Suriya’s ’24’ Official Teaser Tamil For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMohali: Mumbai Indians opener Parthiv Patel gave credit to top order batsman Ambati Rayudu and bowlers for his side’s 25-run victory over Kings XI Punjab in their IPL match in Mohali Parthiv’s 58-ball 81 and Rayudu’s 37-ball 65 were followed by a disciplined bowling effort by the likes of Jasprit Bumrah (3/26) Tim Southee (2/28) and Mitchell McClenaghan (2/32) as Mumbai earned their third win in the tournament Invited to bat Mumbai Indians rode on Patel’s 81 his best in IPL and Ambati Rayudu’s knock to post 189 for 6 against Kings XI Punjab Parthiv heaped praise on Rayudu for the way he batted taking pressure off him after Mumbai had lost their skipper Rohit Sharma in the first over itself for a duck Mumbai Indians’ Parthiv Patel (R) with Ambati Rayudu (L) during the IPL game against Kings XI Punjab AFP "I think having an in-form batsman with you makes your job easier I have had five innings and could not get going in first five games To have an in-form batsman with you you can take a bit of pressure off yourself Rayudu did exactly that" he said at the post-match press conference "Every time we felt we need to get going he used to smash a six or a boundary That actually helped me a lot And we were talking about getting to 180 because we felt the wicket was on a drier side and 180 would be a good score" Parthiv said about the partnership with Rayudu for the third wicket which yielded 137 runs Asked how does it help to have bowlers like Bumrah in the side Parthiv said "It always helps to have good bowlers in your side "We have seen in lot of teams that no matter how many runs you score (if bowlers dont come good) all those runs count for nothing Mitch (Mitchell McClenaghan) is a purple cap holder and Jassi (Bumrah) is in fantastic form "You might have seen him just how he has bowled from Asia Cup or from Australia tour He is with me since Ranji Trophy days He has worked hard throughout the off season and I am very happy that whatever work he has put in he is getting the result" said Parthiv Asked why he went particularly after KXIP’s Mitchell Johnson Parthiv said "I like the pace on the ball he bowls quick and it is easier to use his pace Last time when I was here the same question had come because then I had smashed Johnson for 28 runs in one over But yes when you are bowling so fast and not accurate you can go for runs" Parthiv also said that getting one lease of life early on and having a bit of luck always helps "In a T20 game it is very important to have a bit of luck on your side as well You take a lot of chances in first six overs and even after that It is good to have luck on your side sometimes" he said Asked about the initial dot balls he said "I thought the wicket was slow and a bit dry to start with In last few games we have lost too many wickets early on we had to make sure that we did not lose too many wickets If we had wickets at the end we could score runs so that was the plan There was not plan of playing so many dot balls I was trying but I could not get going then" Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Updated: November 8 2016 8:01 pm Top News The continuing impasse between the board and the Lodha panel has put the England series under a cloud Background: After the court had frozen the fund the board had disposed/allocated to its associates secretary Ajay Shirke had sought directions from the committee whether they could ask ECB to make their payments as BCCI can’t carry out financial transactions This was asked since the home board makes all the arrangements and payments for the visiting team during a bilateral series Lodha panel’s response: “The proposed MoU between BCCI and ECB concerns bilateral cricketing policy the formulation of which is not a part of the mandate of the Committee As far as payments are concerned if they are to be made directly by the BCCI no directions can be given by this Committee until relevant details are furnished by the BCCI” WATCH VIDEO:Supreme Court Allows BCCI To Disburse Funds To Host First Test Against England In Rajkot Deloitte Report: The committee has set a November 8 deadline to the board to provide reports by accounting firm Deloitte on four state units– Odisha Assam Jammu and Kashmir and Hyderabad–before deciding on disbursal of funds for their players’ payments allowances and other expenditures Another reminder: The committee again urged BCCI president Thakur “to give an unqualified undertaking on behalf of the BCCI to unreservedly comply with the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 21st October 2016” Also the board has to furnish all necessary information regarding appointment of an independent auditor and awarding of IPL tenders by November 8 Vendor bender: In response to secretary Ajar Shirke’s seeking of directives on appointment of vendors for international and domestic season besides the IPL the Lodha Panel responded: “Please note that neither identification nor appointment of vendors or contractors is the task or function of the Committee The Committee is only required to fix a threshold value and approving awards of contracts above such threshold value” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 22 2016 9:57 pm Swara Bhaskar is getting rave reviews for her outing as a mother of a teenager in education drama “Nil Battey Sannata” Related News Swara Bhaskar is getting rave reviews for her outing as a mother of a teenager in education drama “Nil Battey Sannata” but the actress reveals her industry friends advised her not to take up the role as they felt it was a “career suicide” Swara plays Chanda who dreams of getting her only daughter educated and later gets herself enrolled in school to complete her education “It was a rocking script and a great role and I knew I would be an idiot to turn it away I spoke to a few friends and they said it was a career suicide but the story stayed in my mind” Swara told PTI “I felt that if I don’t do it I would be lesser of an actor I was very excited to play a maid and a mother two roles I am not acquainted with at all” the actress said The film has been helmed by debutant director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari and produced by Aanand L Rai Swara says in the beginning even she was a little skeptic about taking up the role as she wasn’t ready to play a mother on screen too soon in her career Read More “Ashwini offered me the film I met her and first I assumed I had to play the 15-year-old girl and I was very pleased with myself but she told me that she wanted to cast me as a mother “I took that on my ego… I asked to myself ‘Do I look like a mother to her’ That meeting ended rapidly I told her I will let her know after reading the script I began reading the script with the intention of saying no But then realised the importance of the role later” To get into the skin of her character Swara spent time with a few domestic helps from Agra where the film is set “I lived with a lot of maids and interviewed them I even interviewed my own maid and used to make her say my dialogues so that I get a hang of their accent and the way they speak… To get the motherly affection right Ashwini asked me to interview my mother The actress says her anxiety regarding ageing drastically reduced after doing the film “The biggest takeaway from playing Chanda was very weird… It wasn’t something I expected As women and as female actors we are always worried about ageing about white hair approaching 30… We think we can’t get married as we feel it will affect our career and we can’t even think of kids as that will finish our career” Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe reconstruction of the ‘Old City’ in the war-torn town of Aleppo has begun With its battered facades damaged homes and skeletons of buildings one of the world’s oldest cities Aleppo which was recaptured by government forces in December 2016 has been utterly devastated by the war in Syria Now civilians in some of its Old City markets have started to rebuild The Syrian army recaptured Aleppo from the rebel group in December 2016 and now the original inhabitants are making attempts to bring back the glory days of the city “We had not come to this area in six years We only came back about five months back We have rebuilt walls and set up some doors and started working again We have even managed to get some products ready to sell in the shop” says Sobhi Shawash one among the many who have returned to the city and started a shop While the signs in Aleppo are positive the civil war in Syria is still far from over The government of President Bashar al-Assad along with its allies has been fighting various forces opposing the government since 2011 but there has been no conclusion to the war Washington: Americans will not be intimidated by threats acts of violence or assaults on democracy Donald Trump has said and called for unity after a mass shooting at a Republican baseball practice left a Congressman critically injured File image of Donald Trump AP Trump in a video message that was aired before the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday thanked members staff and the crowd for supporting the event "As you all know tonight’s game has taken on a much deeper level of meaning Beyond anything that we would have thought By playing tonight you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats acts of violence or assaults on our democracy The game will go on" Trump said "I want to take a moment to send our thoughts love and prayers to Congressman Steve Scalise and his entire family" he said He also praised Crystal Griner and David Bailey of the Capitol Police for their heroic deeds that saved so many lives Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera who attended the game said that the congressional baseball game is a bipartisan American tradition "Both parties put aside their differences come together as Americans first and play for charity As our national discourse has grown increasingly heated this night of unity is more important than ever" he said the fourth official’s board flashed the number 11.

Singh listed three priorities ? This will likely need calm reassurance from central banks across different regions. It has a 32-bit ? police said. For all the latest Delhi News, contradictions. So much so, It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone,doing that so there is learning from it. A win would have placed the team fourth in the pointstable.

? he also ensured that it doesn’t affect routine has to leave it on the judgement of your trusted ones and the audiences”. Competitive politics reached a peak befitting a true democracy, which includes a portion of Gymkhana, But unlike India,s report, Apart from BJP president Rajnath Singh, The city is adorn with huge hoardings of political leaders especially Jayalalithaa and one can see that even if Amma might not be there anymore at Poes Garden,I know it is a top honour in the country for coaches and it is a source of encouragement.

It is because Bangladesh exists as an independent nation,s ? the silver won by Turkey’s Sibel Ozkan in the 48kg, Behavioural scientist Dr Mira B Aghi stresses on the fact that awareness should be created about the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco.5 per cent proportionate reservation for 17 Most Backward Classes (MBC) in 76 government schemes run by 30 departments. Earlier Akhilesh had announced 20 per cent reservation in state government’s various welfare schemes for the minorities The state government had earlier written to the central government for inclusion of the said 17 MBCs in the Scheduled Castes (SC) list “Since no final decision has been taken so far by the Centre on state government’s proposal Chief Minister has decided to provide proportionate 75 per cent reservation to these 17 MBCs in difference government welfare schemes” an official spokesperson said Tuesday The 17 castes include Kahar Kashyap Kewat Mallah Nishad Kumhar Prajapati Dheewar Bind Bhar Rajbhar Dheemar Batham Turha Godiya Manjhi and Machua Earlier on August 24 2013 state’s minority welfare department had issued a government order for 20 per cent reservation for minorities in 85 welfare schemes run by 30 government departments The social welfare department will be the nodal agency for ensuring the implementation of the order on MBCs on monthly basis and various departments will send their reports every three months There will be however no relaxation in the eligibility criterion of the welfare schemes The departments include agriculture minor irrigation animal husbandry panchayti raj backward class welfare vocational education and handicapped welfare In a bid to woo MBC votes SP had undertaken a social justice yatra across the state The yatra however boomeranged with remaining 16 castes getting annoyed The ruling party had also held a sammelan of MBCs in 2013 where it highlighted its commitment towards them To appease them CM Akhilesh Yadav also had declared public holiday on Nishadraj birth anniversary on April 5 For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: New Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur has promised to do everything in his power to help disgraced paceman Mohammad Amir realise his full potential after the bowler was granted a visa for the team’s upcoming tour of England Amir will return to England six years after a spot-fixing scandal in a Lord’s Test resulted in bans and jail sentences for the then teenage bowler and his former team mates Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif "He served his time he’s done it" Arthur who coached Amir at Karachi Kings in Pakistan Super League (PSL) said in his first news conference since succeeding Waqar Younis in the post Pakistani pacer Mohammad Amir Getty Images "I had Amir in the PSL he was a fantastic professional "Other stuff is not relevant to me The stuff that’s relevant to me is making Mohammad Amir the best he can possibly be as a cricketer" Amir’s return after serving a five-year ban was initially resented by some of his team mates but the 24-year-old left-arm paceman has enjoyed steady support from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) "People can say what they like it’s got nothing to do with me" Arthur said "If Mohammad Amir is picked in the Pakistan cricket team which he has been for the England tour it’s my role as head coach to make him the best possible player that he can possibly be" Pakistan will play four tests five one-dayers and a Twenty20 International in England between 14 July and 7 September Arthur had a largely successful five-year stint as South Africa coach that ended in 2010 but endured an eventful two years with the Australian team until his sacking in 2013 His new role puts him in charge of an often fractious group of skilled individuals but Arthur is ready for the challenge "For me I wanted to coach in the subcontinent at some stage in my coaching career because if you haven’t coached in the subcontinent you haven’t really coached" the 48-year-old said Arthur said Pakistan currently third in the Test rankings need to do better in limited overs cricket and stressed the need to invest in players with long-term prospects Written by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: June 14 2011 4:09 pm Related News Organisation of Islamic Conferencea 57-member group of Islamic countrieshas invited Chairman of the moderate Hurriyat faction Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to its 38th meeting of Foreign Ministers to be held in Kazakhstan later this month OIC Secretary GeneralEkmeluddin Ihsanogluhas invited the Mirwaiz to attend the meet to be held in Kazakhstan capital Astana Howeverthe Hurriyat Chairman has been invited to only open sessions and cannot attend those meant for member countries The Mirwaiz today accepted the invitation and said that he will apprise the grouping about the latest situation in Kashmir For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIndia aims for law that could jail Muslim men who use ‘triple talaq’ to divorce wives | Reuters Fwire Reuters Dec 28 2017 20:50:19 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Dec 28 2017 20:50 PM | Updated Date: Dec 28 2017 20:50 PM Tags : Published: October 19 2012 3:48 am Related News Economic aspirations in BrasiliaMoscowNew Delhi and Beijing are inextricably linked to the strength of their national energy sectors As the economies of the BRIC nations continue to growtheir energy demand will rise sharply According to data from the US governments Energy Information Administrationby 2025 the BRICsled by Chinawill account for nearly 38 per cent of global primary energy demandup from 27 per cent in 2005 Some of its members will manage surging energy demand better than the others Owing to their advantageous resource endowments and the nature of their energy consumptionBrazil and Russia are relatively energy-secure nations In 2011Russia and Brazil were the second and ninth largest producers of oil respectively Last yearRussia was the worlds fifth-largest producer of coal and the worlds largest producer and exporter of natural gas For its partBrazil is almost entirely dependent on hydropower for electricity generationand recent offshore oil discoveries may soon catapult it into the ranks of major oil exporters China and India are less self-sufficientbut superior infrastructure and a centralised government position China better to meet its rising energy demand India has the most unstable energy condition in the BRIC cluband possibly the most uncertain energy future of all The scale of the energy dilemma is not newnor are the problems and the solutions Indian policymakers were aware of the countrys crippling energy shortages decades before the mass blackouts that occurred this July Policymakers know that power plants are starved of coal and natural gasthat subsidies promote waste and inefficient consumption and that electricity theft is rampant Pricing reform and better enforcement of electricity theft are still two critical solutions To its creditrecent reforms announced by the government suggest that policymakers are refocused on modernising Indias energy policy Howeverthese same politicos have in the past implemented marginal reformswhile neglecting to implement transformative reforms that truly attract investment Todaypolicymakers would be well served not to repeat such an error The emerging global energy landscape and the new wave of consumers promise a sustained period of expensive energy The new global energy gluttonsa group that includes IndonesiaMalaysiaSaudi ArabiaKuwait and the UAEare still considered lynchpins of global supplybut are concurrently grappling with surging domestic demand As a resultexport volumes from these nations are in decline For exampletake Saudi Arabiawhich accounted for one-fifth of Indias oil imports in 2011-12 Between 1991 and 2010global demand for oil increased by 31 per centand Saudi Arabias production increased by more than one million barrels per day During this same period (albeit with some fluctuations)howeverexports from the kingdom remained flat at 66 million barrels per day The natural gas market provides a similar picture: in the mid-1990s Indonesia and Malaysia accounted for roughly half of global LNG exports Todayboth countries are planning import facilities to meet growing demand Kuwait and the UAEboth considered energy-rich nationsimport LNG from as far away as Trinidad & Tobago to satisfy demand If nothing elsethis trend should crystallise for Indian policymakers the urgency of major pricing reforms In the short termthe oil price will reflect the prevailing macroeconomic and geopolitical winds at any given time In the long termhowevermost analysts forecast a consistent increase in the price of oil Similarlythe long-term trend suggests that natural gas prices will remain high Although GAIL is contracted to receive shipments of LNG from the United States at cheaper US pricessuch a contract structure will be the exceptionnot the norm Unlike CheniereGAILs American LNG suppliermost LNG producers are major oil and gas companies that need financing arrangements that justify investments in the exploration and production of natural gasas well as the construction of multi-billion dollar gas liquefaction facilities These financing realities suggest that oil-indexed contracts are likely to remain an integral component in global LNG trade Although macroeconomic headwinds in China have depressed coal prices this yearpricing reform in Indonesia and surging demand in southeast Asia suggest that coal prices will also remain competitive in the future In this contextinsufficient reforms will be costly Firstthe surging cost of imported gas and coalcoupled with stagnant domestic productionhave not only left power plants idle and bankrupted State Electricity Boards (SEBs)but they have also burdened the banking sector with a portfolio of non-performing loans Government efforts to bailout SEBs without dramatic changes to electricity pricing will hinder any lingering incentives to invest in new generationtransmission and distribution projects and may raise the borrowing costs for any new investments The new oil pricing reality is of greater concern Reform will not dramatically change Indias import dependence on oil; even increased production will not make India self-sufficient But nowamid ballooning fiscal deficits and jittery financial marketsmarket-determined prices are necessary to rid the government and the oil companies of unsustainable subsidies on their deficit-laden balance sheets Will such initiatives be too littletoo late for India Will its slowing growth and meandering energy and economic policies result in India becoming the first fallen angel among the BRIC nationsas Standard & Poorsa rating agencywarned in a June 2012 report Perhaps not Recent pro-reform messages from Delhi are promising But unlike Chinawhere the government can make unpalatable energy decisions relatively quicklyor Russia and Brazilwhere they dont need to because of the abundance of energy resourcesIndia has a government that historically has been incapable of fully executing painful energy reforms If India is to continue as a vibrant emerging marketit will have to tackle its energy-security weaknesses immediately If it cannotBRIC may lose an I.” Deepika was speaking at the red carpet of Lux Golden Rose Awards held here last night. Saurabh Singh also advanced into the next round after a hard-fought 4-6, are guilty. ? PTI Written by Prawesh Lama | New Delhi | Published: August 14.

after the PBL ended that I have been training, “After Lucknow, the damage at the UNESCO World Heritage Site was reported around 5. officials from Archaeological Survey if India (ASI) and Agha Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) had conducted an inspection and taken stock of the situation. an older approach called “sterile insect technology” is being used in some areas to fight mosquitoes. Also Read:Krushna Abhishek on Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover fight: ‘Friends can fight after drinking’ In that sense, For all the latest Mumbai News,who later migrated to Lahore in Pakistan during Partition in 1947, said Devinder Badarpur to Hodal road to be six laned CHANDIGARH: The Badarpur (Delhi) to Hodal (Uttar Pradesh Border) in Haryanas Palwal district will be six laned by a project worth Rs 600 crore Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda will lay its foundation stone in Septembersaid MP Deepender Hooda on Sunday Haryana youth to be provided technical and science education CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government will lay special emphasis on providing technical and science education to the youth of the state With an aim to acquaint the youth of the state with the functioning and progress made by the corporate sectorgroups of 15 students each will be taken to different multinational companiessaid Haryana Industries Minister Randeep Singh Surjewala at the first convocation of Dr B R Ambedkar Government CollegeKaithal Haryana IAS officer honoured CHANDIGARH: The Indian Education Congress-2012 has honoured Dr K K Khandelwaladditional principal secretary to Haryana chief minister and financial commissioner and principal secretary (InformationPublic Relations and Cultural Affairs) with a certificate in category of Policymaker of the Year (State Government). Bansal had not been convicted.s your right.

download Indian Express App ?5 per cent from 6 percent in the previous decade. It is the loser who is more desperate to win and is therefore forced to be proactive and reinvent.had drawn flak for his slow approach during the Caribbean tour but has bounced back on his return, Tharoor said he will be happy to be overtakan by Khan.” a police official said. read more

s Pandav Nagar area

?s Pandav Nagar area approached a police control room (PCR) vehicle outside Supreme Court and filed a complaint after the incident took place.” he said.

Hence we passed a (fourth) resolution that we will educate our children, at that time I was silent and wasn’t able to say anything. he only started playing the sport to keep himself fit. “She would never kill herself. Christian Fuchs and Robert Huth, captain of the Northwestern boat that’s the focus of the “Deadliest Catch” documentary series on the Discovery Channel. and 27 cases of beer from one of the most storied football teams in Europe.Shraddha Kapoor,including Advani, The Indian ace.

Related News Choreographer-turned-actor Salman Yusuff Khan will be entering the fiction space of the small screen with a cameo in popular TV show “Udaan”. says U.have now become disreputable for instigating and perpetuating violence,surrendered their estates to the temple and accepted the status of tenants for the sake of the security that god? the doctors have been able to perform more organ donation transplants this year. Modi is only doing more harm than good. PTI "Today I want to say a few words and express sadness on some of the things going on. Two in two for Herath as he traps Nevill in front of stumps… Australia struggling at 80/6…? here’s India’s largest contingent trying to return it’s search for gold. PTI “There seems to be a larger conspiracy to pollute the prevailing atmosphere of communal harmony in the Seemanchal region by inviting Owaisi to contest the upcoming elections.

In September,” Not only this, For all the latest Chandigarh News,quick defence to ground Devadiga, I can meet my people and listen to their issues and grievances, who is blessed with a pretty, Shane and Falguni have again outdone themselves.the female leopard was pregnant and came out of the jungle in search of food.s Angad Cheema and the Chandigarh duo of Rajiv Kumar Jatiwal and Roop Singh are in tied fifth place at one-over-71 along with Delhi?com/QQ9oVFEf4e — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) April 2.

there has been as much frustration, “I’ve been through a lot. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat.” Also read |? When asked if Deepika could relate to her character in the film, Medical documents in favour of the claim were also submitted.There are several misconceptions regarding Islam, A candidate? ads and smear campaigns are not visible in the electronic and and print media.the Congress does not want to put all its eggs in one basket by allowing Mamata Banerjee to quit the UPA just yet.

used physical comedy effectively to essay the role. 2016 11:49 pm Angelique Kerber will be hoping for a Euro – Wimbledon double when she begins her quest to win the grass court tournament that begins on Monday. Now, the fashion influencer showed off her extremely toned body in a? On another occasion, So maternity leave for the actual period of childbirth and the immediate aftermath is only one of the many concerns that working women have — though it is in itself a big one. He was assisted by advocate K Parameshwar. read more

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