Starting a business is forcing you to do what you hateSecret Wangzhuan economic man profit model

six, to undertake online advertising to make money

what exactly is the information economic man? Why do I say I nearly fell into it? I’ll give you a detailed explanation. Please take a good look at it. First of all, let me introduce the information economy man. The main station of the information broker is xxjjr/, xxjjr/soho/, mid=free158, which is the address of the sub station which I got after registration. The information brokers should be on line in March, which I can confirm in their filing information.

The truth about

we follow this pattern is the hope that some day in the future, we strive to create a career that we can spend more and more time in the things you love, and not love things to spend less time.

everyone has a passion for work. It may be to communicate with people, telephone sales, or make elaborate spreadsheets and PPT, and everyone will have their own preferences. But on the contrary, the parts that people dislike in their work are often an integral part of their work. Interestingly, whenever people hear that I’m an entrepreneur, they think I can do all the fun I want to do. But this is only part of the truth, not the whole truth. If life is compared to a movie, it is only the first frame of the trailer.

others in your site xxjjr/soho/zhuce.php? Mid=free158 registration you can get the Commission, as you become the official information broker, need to pay 120 yuan to enjoy all the rights, this 120 yuan is not all access to the site of this assignment: pockets, but you recommend one you registered your referee who is who the web site to get 30 yuan, you recommend people to get 20 yuan, recommended recommend people you recommended to get 10 yuan, the recommended recommended recommended people you recommend to obtain 20 yuan, Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended people recommend the 10 yuan network management, only charge 30 yuan as the operation and management system and other expenses.

seven, introduce others, become information brokers, get more generous pay

it’s no good doing what you hate,

editor’s note: the original author is Nic Haralambous, currently NicHarry founder, former Motribe founder and CEO.

do you think you can do anything you like when you start your own company and do interesting things and work with your favorite employees? You’re wrong.

first of all, I can have a thorough understanding of the industry I work in. Understanding is important because, in case you want someone else to take your place, you have to get a rough idea of what other people are doing and what’s going to happen.

below, let me introduce the profit model of the information economy man.

from the filing information, we can easily see that this site is only in March for the record. There is a sentence, we need to note: no record of the site must be unreliable, the record of the site is not necessarily reliable. Now a lot of agents for the record, do not know to ask to know. Spend a few tens of dollars, to provide a domain name on the line, and even the domain name does not resolve.

as far as I’m concerned, the thing I hate to do is to etch photos of products. This tedious repetitive work is just as annoying as washing dishes after meals. However, the advantage of this "have to" for entrepreneurs is that you have to learn all kinds of interesting skills, whether you want to or not. For example, I do hate etching photos, but I do.

employee misunderstanding

finally, try something annoying before you know it. Maybe you don’t hate it so much. Maybe you will hate your intuition to do something, but when you really set up his own company, before finding a better than you can do people in you, then you have to do what you think you hate things.

secondly, you can avoid being cheated. If I have never had a photo etching, and I on the 10 picture collection etched thousands of dollars, I can’t refute. However, if I have been tortured by etching pictures, I will know how much I am willing to pay for this kind of work.

there are many advantages to doing something you are not interested in.

yesterday a friend recommended to me the information economy a so-called Wangzhuan more popular recently, due to make money, at the beginning I was almost fooled.

what I hate most is

, when I and >

similarly, after any registration through your website information broker will become one of your agents, any one of the members in an agent site registered you will become your two agents, any one of the two agents registered in your website will become your. The three agents, five agents and so on, you have the most, all of these members registered agent you can log in at any time you see the management page, each transaction record.

registered information economy in the individual management center can see: there are seven main profit model: an information broker, website profit two, sale profit three, profit four, accept the release of information, the use of information to make money reward task five business

is that startups force entrepreneurs to do what they dislike the most for a long time before they give them a little time to do what they love.