The webmaster do Wangzhuan the attention and time managementEarn quick money thinking is listed afte

A few days ago on the Internet to see a

listed more than 2 months of SF and new action, this time they aimed at the lottery industry.

everyone’s time and attention are rare resources in the era of knowledge economy, and attention is the production factor of knowledge worker. Wangzhuan owners should be careful management of time and their attention, make it the appropriate configuration, in order to get the maximum production effect. You do not know exactly what make money online? Maple network video advertising revenue is still in growth, up to now this month May 12th at almost 12 points is about $20800, but this should not be the next six months to the biggest annual income source, I believe that in the future a few the year prior to the next financial storm with insurance fund business is the main source of income, which is also my money inside the "traditional industry" network will be the main source of income.

at the same time, in the media for SF 2017 first quarter earnings interpretation, frequently appear "growth slowdown, development bottleneck" such negative words. This also led to a lot of people will be involved in the SF lottery, as the disease becoming utilitarian choice after the encounter development bottleneck.

basically agree with the above view Maple network, the webmaster do the Internet is actually a bit of money, is your own boss in making money online, the cost estimates must be able to fully grasp, especially should pay special attention to the "time" and "relative cost, is the cost of the. Some friends may notice issued Maple networks recently less, this is my insurance fund, the business began to busy, not like before shifting so much time to blog and take care of the forum… Forgive me. Maybe it’s not right to say "no time", it should be "attention".


1. Promoting your own goods or services.

compared to SF how to logistics and gaming these two wind and horses industry is not reasonable combination, and more worthy of our attention is that after the listing of SF for "earn quick money" urgent demand.

ranked first, insist on not listed on the express delivery giant, up to now the blind expansion of the listed company, SF is behind the suffering from a serious "listed companies have sequela.

Wang Wei in 2011 when he expressed his attitude on the market, he said: "the benefits of listing is nothing more than money, get the funds needed for the development of enterprises. SF is also short of money, but SF can not be listed for money. After the listing, the enterprise has become a profitable machine, changes in stock prices every day affect the nerves of the enterprise, the management of enterprise management is unfavorable."

Wangzhuan, focuses on "make money online" and not in the Internet, how with the lowest cost way, through the use of Internet tools to make money, each Wangzhuan webmaster want to continue to think about.

helpless promise and then deny in succession

is now looking back at Wang Wei’s speech, a few "face" means. But the entanglement in Wang Wei’s "apparently meaningless promise and then deny in succession" enterprise strategic plan should be.

April 27, 2017, SF holdings issued a statement: SF Holdings subsidiary "SF color" will soon open type lottery sales, docking system, the theme of ticket customization and warehousing and distribution and other fields of all-round cooperation with the State Sports General Administration of sports lottery center. Both developed a SF elements as the theme of the paper is: fungchoi billing, the lottery has recently approved by the Ministry of finance review.

this is a "obsession" after the transformation of SF, SF preferred and hey, another let the people ignorant forced transformation work". In the process of the courier sent to your hand, Wang Wei seems to be like a Swiss Army knife SF brother can be equal to anything.

"I do business, I want to make the enterprise develop for a long time, and let a group of people get a dignified life.". Listed, the environment will not be the same, you have to be responsible for investors, you have to ensure that stocks continue to rise, profits will become the only purpose of the existence of enterprises. In this way, enterprises will become very impetuous and impetuous as today’s society."

movie, inside a teach money online Instructor said, in fact there is no such thing as what is "free flow", if some people say, it is to deceive people, including his own. Because the so-called "free" flow, that is, to pay their time to work hard, to work hard, unless their time and spirit to pay "worthless", otherwise how can you say is "free" flow?

three, English station, attacking high value IP flow >

two, on the right CPS online sales commission.

From the

Maple network again recommend their own interest or expertise to open another source of business on the Internet, or the establishment of another revenue model, don’t waste time to make money, do some advertising questionnaire to make money, even before I wrote about linkbucks SharedImgae, as well as the news 6 download CPA way to make money, as in the previous article, only the most suitable for novice to do the entry operation, the actual experience of knowing what is flow, what is there, click on the IP flow more valuable etc…. Important Wangzhuan ideas, but really want to earn enough money can improve the life, I want to only

although China’s annual lottery sales in 2016 amounted to 395 billion yuan, but this still can not be given the legitimacy of SF involved in the lottery. As a matter of fact, the gambling industry belongs to the monopoly state in China, and the issuing institutions and the selling units are controlled by the government, and the lifting of the ban is beyond the reach of the foreseeable future.