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as a webmaster to consider what is, how to use the site to make money! All the money mode can not avoid the question of what is your site in the end is who earn money? Or use a professional term explanation is: user analysis and market segmentation. This is also my recent problems in thinking, to write down their thoughts of income, is to share with you.

therefore, while providing the best content, Flipboard also offers an immersive and fluent experience, like reading a magazine. "On Flipboard, we encourage readers to do only one thing: flip.". Open the application and start flipping. By minimizing obstacles, users are encouraged to focus on content".

Flipboard design director: product experience should be immersed in fluency, two years ago, Flipboard release has caused a sensation in the scientific and technological circles, known as iPad revolutionary news applications. After that, although there were many imitators, it did not affect the good development trend of Flipboard. Flipboard’s global download has so far exceeded 8 million 400 thousand, in addition to the iPad version, the company also launched the iPhone version, Android version also began the beta. Last December, Flipboard also released a Chinese version of its entry into china. Flipboard’s success, in addition to the status of social magazine pioneer, but also inseparable from its excellent design.

this model is what I want more, because this is the so-called big customers, most of the webmaster is mainly from this aspect to make money. This way of making money is mainly to earn all kinds of union advertising fees, representatives such as sh419, shlf1314, Alibaba and so on, join the platform League, extract from them, such as bubble play web game platform.

this kind of money mode disadvantage is small webmaster is difficult to earn a steady income, perhaps only a month income of dozens of blocks, and energy out of proportion, especially the popularity and promotion itself is not enough, not effective in the case, it is difficult to form a large income.


recently, Mashable interviewed Flipboard’s design director, Marcos Weskamp.

personally think that all kinds of websites earn money mode, although many, but in the final analysis is to earn three kinds of people’s money: company, individual, webmaster, the following on these three aspects, one by one analysis of their pros and cons.

also needs to pay attention to the problem is that many small leagues with deceptive, may be when you should pay when the sudden web site can not open, so the initial League choice should pay special attention to. Including the shlf1314 alliance has the instability, and the flow of this model derived from search engines such as sh419, sh419 down the right K station situation we all know, maybe one day you suddenly flow from the tens of thousands of IP into hundreds, in general it is not too stable, is subject to the Union and search engine.


Marcos Weskamp is a magazine enthusiast. One of his favorite things about magazines is that every page has a special purpose. "I like the flow of stories very much. When you look at each page, your eyes are constantly shifting between titles, pictures, references, and articles. In the magazine world, each page is a small part of the big picture, each trying to attract you to read the story. You can easily browse through magazines and immerse yourself when you find something interesting. I like that feeling very much. I think that’s what we’ve lost on the internet".

Marcos Weskamp has been in charge of Flipboard design since March 2010. Prior to this, he was two and a half years working at Adobe, one of the works most proud of is the "Encyclopedia of life" Encyclopedia of Life vision, it is a species including 1 million 800 thousand visual map, can touch interactive.

for example you look, maybe get some experience: one of my friends stand one day there are thousands of IP traffic, filled with shlf1314 Advertising, but one day only 0.2 – $0.5 a month income of less than 100, very boring to do. But adding bubbles play web game platform union.popwan, hang a web game channel on the website, they play games, and then drive the user to play together, slowly gathered a group of game player, and because I was dating station, so the user interaction is strong, so the cycle, more and more game player accumulated. The number of recharge in the game will continue to increase, now only a month from the game channel earn thousands of dollars.

1. earns company money

actually, that’s the second point I’m going to say

A The advantages of this kind of

Marcos says his approach is to first determine what functions he wants to add, and then implement it in the best and most beautiful way. It may seem simple, but real design is a time-consuming process, and Marcos’s desk is always full of sketches and ideas. Each new design element goes through hundreds of sketches, as well as "design discussions."". The discussion goes on every week.

model to make money is easy to use, just a dumpster can add the ad code, then every day you can query returns, or join one of the bubble play platform, a game channel, and then waiting for game player to recharge, extracted from the composition.