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, do you want to sell your website? Why don’t you talk to · CEO Matt of SayMedia, Sanchez Matt Sanchez, and SayMedia just raised $27 million. Sanchez says it will use some of the money to buy other websites to grow SayMedia.

of course, there are still many returnees entrepreneurs acclimatized, how to overcome the acclimatized still returnees entrepreneurs need to consider an important issue. The Secretary of the Party committee, EMBA course professor Yu Mingyang School of economics and management Antai Shanghai to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "the ability to adapt to the market environment China returnees are very different, some returnees stay in a foreign country for a long time, do not understand the China market, is not down to earth, especially some technical background returnees, professional skill is very strong, the market is very weak, have a good product or technology but there is no way to promote."

in the premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, China’s new round of entrepreneurial innovation tide coming. In the new normal economic development and consumption upgrade trend, hit in the country in recent years innovation plays a unique and important role of groups of returnees, has entered a golden period of entrepreneurship.

"a new generation of returnees can do a very good thing, is to put some of the best ideas from abroad to home, let people at home can contact and choice of products and services to leading foreign, even some domestic capital layout overseas, at home and abroad work together to develop the international market and enjoy global capital dividend."

SayMedia next will buy more websites, and then expand the company’s property. Last week, SayMedia from Kelleher to Kim Era Group poaching as SayMedia’s new chairman.

new round of returnees entrepreneurship has opened, more and more returnees began to give up generous salaries abroad, choose to return to entrepreneurship. However, unlike in the past, a new round of returnees tide showing a "sea returnees" characteristics, namely by means of their overseas returnees accumulated resources, help local enterprises and overseas Chinese layout.

SayMedia’s Web site has a population coverage of 400 million people. Last year he bought technology sites, ReadWriteWeb, family websites, Remodelista and Dogster. Sanchez says revenues will exceed $100 million this year.


strictly speaking, this is SayMedia’s first financing in two years. This round of financing led by New Enterprise Associates, and other investment companies have Shea, Ventures and Correlation Ventures, two Vc firm. In fact, the VideoEgg and Six Apart sites they founded before Sanchez had received $79 million in venture capital. After that, SayMedia merged the two sites.

SayMedia focuses on fashion, life, food and technology tired websites. "Fashion and beauty never go out of the way," says Sanchez. "We’re going to buy more of these sites. Of course, other types of websites will also be considered."

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2005, United Airlines flight 857 had just graduated from Harvard Business School, Huang Zhengyu rode slowly landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, his mind is full of the unknown. That year, the other students have started their work in Wall Street, some of them entered the bank, some are engaged in private Holdings Company, like me after graduation back to the development of China, almost a." Huang Zhengyu, chairman of Yu Wo capital, recalled the situation when he returned home, and sighed to the first financial daily: "nowadays more and more returnees are coming."

recently, China and global think tank executive secretary, Miao green publicly said: "with the upgrading of China’s consumption and the emergence of new economic formats, the moment is another golden age for returnees entrepreneurship." Not only that, senior returnees entrepreneurs Huang Zhengyu also pointed out: "overseas business is no longer confined to as before, only in the Chinese provide local services and products to customers China, but with the globalization of services and products to customers, such as the world’s best consumer products, education, science and technology, financial services, investment products etc.. The new generation of returnees will not only bring overseas excellent ideas to China, but also help some of the domestic capitals to develop overseas, and push the excellent enterprises both at home and abroad to work together to develop the international market."

new round of returnees entrepreneurship tide