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the gap between North and south cities is large. Zhongguancun, Wangjing and CBD are three major hot spots,

I have been silent gratitude to the old classmates, because he did not a recommendation, I may have missed the go on the road of entrepreneurship and the Internet IT.

boss because of the strong recommendation of the students took me in, I started from 250 yuan monthly salary, second months really put their store performance doubled. Then, in third months, I opened my own first computer company.

entrepreneurs still worry about starting a business? Don’t worry,

so, relying on the popularity of Guangzhou windows, I >

sent & a star from the public record; headline space map, a Beijing city public space and joint office is mainly concentrated in 10 main areas: Zhongguancun area, Wangjing area, CBD area, green area, the Olympic region, Xizhimen area, Dongzhimen area, Shijingshan area, Yizhuang area and Fangzhuang area.

so, starting with an introduction of a strange customer, I’ve done almost 10 million of the business with the unit in five years. My brother and I became good friends, and that mouse made me the first bucket of gold,

today is the 2016 annual membership service union officially launched the day, Mowgli brother wanted to write an opening speech, all the buddies, but a multitude of things, where to start?

among them, Zhongguancun, Wangjing and CBD, it is the three big hot spots that collect a space to collect, also be the first selection area of entrepreneur. Among them, Zhongguancun pioneering street is the most famous, where the largest number of creative spaces, and received national leaders visited many times, but also to the field of pilgrimage to beijing. The region gathered 3W space, Hugo workshop, AC accelerator, krypton space, such as a public space, creating headlines of well-known public record space.

‘s sleepless night, the theme automatically emerges: "I remember some of the key turning points in my 19 year career.".

according to reports, the public record space and the reason why entrepreneurs in several hot spots to get together, one hand because of the Internet industry base in the region deep, giant, industrial resources, talent, capital is relatively dense, strong atmosphere; on the other hand, the traffic is very convenient, the price is right.

Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao area, mobile Internet has become a new hotspot, Ali headquarters, millet, 360, unfamiliar street, the U.S. group, Zhaopin, the blue harbor interaction such as a public well-known Internet Co gathered here, to promote the public record space quickly assembled here, a sharp rise in the number of Wangjing, such as SOHO 3Q, Nash space plus, dream of space, space, space, unbounded krypton, have accelerated the layout of this area. The famous "sweep yards" street also appeared in Wangjing.

, three, 98 years, I am not willing to live in the computer store every day, and began to learn to play online, I want to sell computers on the internet. But at that time I did not send mail, and even more do not know how to promote and build web sites. I looked for help everywhere, and later, through a female student working in Guangzhou Telecom, I met the head of the Guangzhou window, one of the largest websites in Southern China, and became my first single resource integration project:

as a double time "barometer", the map included 108 Beijing public record office and the joint space, including innovative workshops, krypton space, Peking University entrepreneurship training camp and other well-known public record space; 19 investment institutions, including venture capital, angel plum ener Angel Fund and other well-known investment institutions; entrepreneurial media 18 for example, star network, sent 36 krypton, entrepreneur and venture media; in addition also included is the 17 brand of entrepreneurial activity. "The next 2 edition of our upgrade will include more startups and entrepreneurial services resources." Star faction & hit the headlines, "Beijing public space map" operations leader Cai Xiaoyue said.

"Beijing city public record space map" 1 version has been released! This is the first Beijing multi-creation space map, by star sent & hit the headlines, Nash issued a joint space, display the Beijing city public distribution and density of a space, and indicate the space into the public record in price. Can give entrepreneurs intuitive guidance.

area, and the OCA, towards the green.

is provided free of charge by the Guangzhou window to my website space, two domain name, and a special computer content column on its website, and I only need to provide original content. That is, every day in charge of the computer city to collect the latest quote prices, published to the website column. At the bottom of the daily quote information, I added the contact number and remittance account at our computer store.

, a 96 year I was Jinan junior, because the job, were dropped out, no Yan Zaihua parents living expenses, hurry to find work everywhere. But all over the computer city of Guangzhou, no one wants to accept me. Finally, a classmate named Aoyama, the boss of the computer company who recommended him for his summer work, recommended me. He patted his chest to assure his boss that I would double the store’s business,

two, I was opening the computer store only 14 square meters, lack of customer relations. The opening two days did not have a brother called China unfamiliar customers, buying a mouse, but he is very picky, I spent half an hour to help him more than 10 mouse test, he did not choose a satisfactory, only earned him 10 dollars.

had a moon brother again, he said to me: in fact, I am a large state-owned computer department, I think your shop is small, but your attitude is very good, I want to introduce to you our unit designated procurement.