Owlii from Tsinghua University wants to get a slice of the dynamic 3D imaging field and prove itse

back to the moment, the current business model of Owlii is very simple. Based on 3D dynamic reconstruction technology developed under the adaptation of the mainstream mobile phone camera developed a set of solutions of Mobile AR and Case by vision based on Case with the advertisers, pictures and other companies to launch customized visual solutions.

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with the progress of a number of important technology of computer vision and computer image and machine learning in recent years, indirectly led to the 3D dynamic imaging technology, including shlf1314, Microsoft, apple and other giants also have incoming.

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Owlii, the entire team is currently 10 full-time, 10 part-time. In addition to an R & D partner for Standford’s Ph. D. in computer science, the rest of the founding team came from Tsinghua University

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36 krypton discovered through experience that Owlii has some advantages in optimizing face models. Especially in the compression of images, in the face of the model to ensure high accuracy, only 20M capacity. In addition Owlii CEO Wen Ziyu told the 36 krypton, in addition to Owlii in image compression, object occlusion and other technical difficulties prevailing in the industry, through the optimization of algorithm also made improvements to the model may cause incomplete. In the meantime, Owlii does not need to use green screen when grabbing character image, and shooting space can be controlled within 10 square meters, character range can reach 3 square meters.


Owlii team was founded in early 2016, positioning is a focus on portrait of the 3D holographic dynamic image provider. In 2016 May, Owlii received $1 million 500 thousand in angel financing from Shun capital, the United States China Economic Cooperation Group, and Ding Xiang capital.

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in addition, Owlii also cut the scene in the attempt to provide electricity supplier, 3D model reconstruction of electronic business platform for the goods, Ziyu temperature to 36 krypton revealed and is currently being jointly leading business platform, details temporarily disclose.

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Wen Ziyu then introduced the strategic path of Owlii to 36 krypton. In 2017~2018, the company will focus on Mobile AR/MR to provide technical content for the industry, and through technical solutions to guide users to generate UGC content. In 2019, a remote conferencing solution based on VR/AR head display was introduced. In the future, through 3D dynamic imaging technology, every expression and action of each person in the video conference with you will be captured by the head display or other output terminals. This will not only subvert the traditional conference SaaS software vendors, and may even affect the interests of rail companies or airlines in the future.