5 steps to improve site keywords ranking

distribution of rigid distribution not only pay attention to the nature, the user experience is not good, will be mistaken for search engine cheating.

1. ensure that people search keywords, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai related keywords can display a word being search, if some words search volume is too small, we can only rely on the website statistical analysis tools (cnzz, love Shanghai) but it has less analysis of search keywords used;

2. is not too broad, such as the "screw" this time is too broad, search tend to search the specified type or characteristics of screws, in order to find the information they need;

density can be controlled between 2%-8%. If you think of a few key words in the page to add a few, in fact very simple, to increase the page volume, the keyword density is still controlled within a certain range. For example, a website that I see, a single keyword number reached more than 100, but his page content enough, keyword density only about 4%, and the site ranked first Oh, he is not good outside chain (the chain super less than in several sites following few times), but the distribution of good keywords a large number of.

is not to have a lot of money of the company, you should try to avoid overheating too strong, competitive keywords, optimization of these words often requires a certain amount of manpower, financial resources, competition and common website is tantamount to throwing.


4. company, organization names and personal names as keywords, this is not recommended, but not to say no, can be determined in the main keywords, the name of the company, the person’s name into the title or description, but there is no need for key words in the page layout.

how to choose good keywords? It needs to follow the following:

three, keywords layout


keyword density has been identified as the most important factor of keywords ranking, especially love Shanghai, which is why so many people love the crazy stack keywords.

, the choice of key wordsIf the

two, keyword density

good keywords layout can get a better ranking. The layout method is very simple, but it was not so easy. The general layout of the state is good, in addition to uniform distribution of the title, description, page header, footer, need the natural distribution of keywords, header, footer navigation and copyright information is usually stored at the site, where the distribution of keywords was identified as the key of the site, the page is usually content the store, page keywords generally reflects the single page keywords and topics, it is very important for the page.

3. not too popular, popular keywords is not easy to master as keywords, long tail keywords to treat is a good choice.

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