Four a new growth phase after the line on the website to do optimization

line on the website after half a month:

collection has reached 50+, the snapshot is fast, the exchange can be started Links the necessary before did not change, after all, the website quality you can not, do not bother to throw people worn-out lips.

The third stage:

good luck, basically has experienced second times of love Shanghai update, high quality articles if the day before to publish more than 3 articles, you will have included increased significantly, if your article quality is good, now basically can reach the next snapshot and included the. You only need to maintain this advantage, continue to adhere to both.

The second stage:

whether it is "high weight website chain" or "submitted to love Shanghai", love Shanghai usually included home in 7 days (now faster, usually the next day). General can be seen through the log, the spider came to a new station after all kinds of crazy grab page content on the site.

The fourth stage:

included a home in Shanghai love, need a slightly larger update, Shanghai will put over the love to spit out some. General www.fzjwwl贵族宝贝 out for the first time crawling article, with you how much the construction of the chain of course love Shanghai included is closely related.

average every half month love Shanghai will have a slightly larger point is that the mass update, said the first half of the 12 or so, the second half of the 27 or so. If you have the keyword statistics and analysis of the beginning, then you will find your keywords ranking is slowly progressive..


first stage: the new website

site after two months on the line:


(4), set up the chain, all kinds of mass software what don’t touch. Note: the chain do not always build the home page, the inside pages of the link is made to help the inside pages included.

(2), not a one-time finish, slowly, and continues to update, the best day to more than 3, too little will affect the next snapshot arrival time.

will have the box effect, time length. Under the general situation about 1 and a half months. The effect is not the given keyword flow ranking. (Note: there will be supernatural events, new words will suddenly have a good ranking, but in a few days and didn’t have so.

(1), whether there is a mistake on the line when the Robots website, 404 error pages, internal links such as the investigation is the basis to do.


(3), the analytical domain name only without WWW, if you analyze multiple domain names, even if all the address of your website is an absolute path, a 301 redirect to do better, sometimes the search engines will still be a little off. (this is important)

The new

website launched a month later: