Only three allows you to rapidly improve the site conversion rate

site traffic conversion rate (Conversion Rate) refers to visit a site visitors, transforming all visitors the proportion of visitors. In the Internet, there are many sites, traffic can also be over 10000, but those are the clouds, are passing, can really become their customers have? And some websites are not their IP, only a few hundred, but always accurate grasp the customer, this is the difference between high and low conversion rate. Website to operate successfully, which work to be done to enhance the site’s conversion rate? There are three kinds of

website will be a good target keywords, to start digging out a large number of long tail keywords, the target word is IP to our website, and improve website popularity. And the long tail word is the guarantee of the conversion. How to mining the long tail keywords, in fact we have a lot of methods to love Shanghai mining. There are many.

2. love Shanghai know, Post Bar, Tianya, SOSO ask, watercress and a series of platform for the long tail word. These platforms are social interaction, someone asked someone to answer, you can tap some of the long tail keywords here, and can bring us quality IP.


4. tools search. Nobility baby went out a good mining long tail keywords tool " magic compass " the key to expand the long tail keywords without limit. And some of the other keyword search tool.

After the page layoutThe to improve the conversion rate of way

3. love Shanghai for background. We can make a very very cold in the long tail word fell in love with the sea, and then the bidding for the background to analyze what words can do long tail keywords.

. Through the long tail keywords mining

content of the original and the relativity of many.

regardless of the target keywords or long tail keywords, have their role, but if you are positioning it is in vain, the information on the Internet is rapidly changing, area is not the same, the habit of using the keyword is not the same. Key words the time to pay attention around the query habits. We have deeply to this the understanding of the industry, enterprises generally use " business; " software to detect where the IP and through which keywords effectively, which can monitor the keywords from time to time the accuracy and effectiveness, is conducive to the site second adjustment. On site keywords improved accuracy of protection.

three. The conversion rate of

1. love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search. Enter a word in love the sea, love Shanghai may recommend a few words and words that are related to, but these words or search the most popular. Ensure the search volume, and a word of love in Shanghai can provide you with a number of related search. It can dig Duoge long tail word.

two. The accuracy of the site keywords analysis