How to page title and meta tags set

we know that the search results in the title of the information mainly from the content of the page title. However, in order to improve the page user experience, search engine will be based on the actual situation from the title to intercept the corresponding content to show users, it will be different in different search engines. In fact, in order to show users meaning complete title, search engine will be adjusted according to the actual condition of the page.


Title tips

, the first title length

keyword refers to the distribution of keywords in the title appears in the position. Many people love to leave them standing in the key words, the search engine optimization point of view, this is a very unwise.

title, Title tags. The whole article is a topic. Most search engines are extracted from all or part of the title as the title of the information. Therefore, we write the title of the article, to highlight the theme, concise content.

search engine page, from top to bottom in the HTML source code, header content is the first emergence of the information in the article. Therefore, the primary key in the front page with the title, can effectively highlight the theme of the page, increase the correlation. For example: Women’s goods essential tips in the page title key " women’s goods is the first emergence of ".

in front of the keyword matching is related keywords, relatively unpopular, must be good, simple and clear, and around a theme, a long title will dilute the keyword density.

Analysis of The distribution of

second, the key words in the titleThe

in the title, even if the main and auxiliary words and word frequency are the same, the expression is also different. Such not only can get the favour of search engine, but also can attract more users click.

third, key word

1, the title of theThe

many people think that the more times the main keyword appears in the title of the better, so repeat the keyword in the title. In fact, no matter what position of the page, the main keyword frequency are not better, but there are certain restrictions. I think the main keyword appears in the title 1 times, each auxiliary keyword appears only 1 times is more reasonable.


in Shanghai’s search results, the length of 56 bytes in the message header (28 Chinese characters), and Google is about 72 bytes (36 characters), beyond the scope of the content will be omitted.

small advice: the title of the content page, as long as can express the theme of the page. Too many keywords will only distract the title of the center, reduce the correlation of the page, especially at the same time not more than one meaning related keywords.

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