Website optimization simple is true optimization

, website optimization we do not hold the purpose of deliberately >

second, the content of the website is best to true to life. I see a lot of websites, the content is only content, just vapid expressions, in fact, the site itself is for customer service, the user is the living individual, but not to the user as wood, just to show their own characters, the content of what is, users enjoy reading it, this has nothing to do with me. Especially the acquisition of the site, some pseudo original tool collector, these operations you’re really put the user when people look at you, on the surface is to search engine, in order to update and update, is in fact not hurt the user, the user’s attention and support, the site is eventually to be search engine into the abyss I always believe that, at one point, they would be ten days of the original a day, do not copy 100, excellent website, do not deliberately optimization, but naturally, we really gather efforts to write articles, heartfelt articles to readers, all my soft are holding my readers after reading can benefit attitude, are the original article.

in the optimization of the website, very hate those very deliberate behavior, such as to write false original article included a lot of, in order to enhance the weight of various chain methods together, like in the end with a more severe illness, a drastic turn back, in fact, this stage of our most patients need is the conditioning, what is important, website optimization keep a common heart, you can be on the road to go farther.

Finally, the author summarize,

third, the chain will be not too hard. I also made for the website chain, the chain must be done, but the key to see how you do, my usual favorite is the writing of the article, in the process of writing the article, is combing their optimal thinking, in the process of writing for the purpose of holding the service for readers, to to move others must first move himself, so every article I are hard to share, generally in more than one hour or more, because only the user will recognize you, and you will communicate and interact, to pay attention to your site, the chain can you really be all spread naturally, so the chain it is the best.


first, do stand as the person best website design simple. Especially in the current web site optimization, user experience is the main theme of the times, the line on the website at the beginning of the construction we will focus on this theme to sublimation. For example, to the realization of the static code do not use JS or Flash, although jQuery can bring super gorgeous special effects, but the site is designed to do marketing, there is no ranking brilliant effect what role, I have always loved is a simple, elegant, clean the site, the site hierarchy, some design the basic layout and user experience with the modular, our primary concern is the user’s browsing habits, the weight of the reasonable design of the web page layout.