To improve the working efficiency of the five methods of website optimization

had to admit that Shanghai Longfeng chain is a very huge and tedious work every day, most of the time will be spent on it. So we must say: one on the edge of the work when the edge of a summary to improve the work efficiency of the routine, we can learn from others, but must be for you. I do now is to promote Dalian wheat marketing planning website, updated daily blog, forum to do outside the chain. Here to share with you I summed up in the work of their own routines:

four, the chain, it is best to open multiple browser or multiple windows at the same time. After all to open the window, copy an article, paste in each site blog again, and then in second copies…… This method can save a lot of time.

five, every day to the company the first thing is to open the Shanghai dragon tool to view the site’s ranking keyword. When the keyword ranking up again; when keywords ranking drop, we also need to continue efforts to summarize the problem, there are many factors, as Shanghai dragon ER, everybody knows that. But it is not what, as long as you find the right skills on OK. Before I wrote a few articles "site optimization chain how to do more perfect", "website of the rapid increase of the chain has the best effect of the five methods", "forum to do outside the chain how to be" delete "forum post chain do not be deleted", if you have interested can look at. These are my small experience personal summary, believe to want to learn the novice, really worth a visit, Dalian Qingfeng Shanghai dragon blog h> website optimization

, every day in the blog before, first of all need to find articles and several network marketing related, and can add a lot in the blog. These articles in the online though everywhere, but can not completely paste to use, simple changes can in the title, content summary. In the edit content, download an awesome typesetting tool for "what layout tools, false original tools best". Here I would not recommend, do not want to advertise, we still love to ask Shanghai. Optimization of network marketing website, the chain is easy.

two, at the forum to do outside the chain, we first need to use some time, fully prepared for the chain of the target site, if you don’t find it, "hanging ears pierced" that will be very slow, affecting work efficiency.


three, if the promotion of other websites, blogs must find popular articles, the best top.baidu贵族宝贝 to love Shanghai billboard. This article must remember that with your website. If you are lazy, so just find a few articles, and then Title simple change can be. Your goal is very clear: that is in the shortest time, greatly improving the efficiency of the chain, as long as suitable that set of skills to master, the working efficiency is naturally.