Please note that the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon er

5, the pursuit of quality! But many webmaster, labor does not contribute, every bubble forum, just for the pursuit of the unstable and low weight of the chain; or soak in QQ, exchange Links efficiency is extremely low with chatty style; furthermore is a bit hard for the pseudo original and even the wrong characters are not willing to carefully pick out, anxious to have robots for you to write original, may? Work every day a lot of time, but the quality is very low, no results! People spend half an hour to write the original idea, the top days pseudo original, the effect can be the same? My station in Ji’nan of Shanghai the dragon, has no BBS signature of the chain, our foreign chain more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity.

2, firmly accomplish the goal! Goal can be set lower, but must be the pursuit of perfection, don’t discount, every day how many words of the original, the number of the chain, need to be executed in place. I like the Ji’nan Shanghai dragon, I only have 5 chain goals every day, every day a original article, every Monday article in the station station: target task grew up, is not high, but I guarantee 100 percent complete. Because even a hundred percent implementation in place, how much effect is not to say, don’t really have a good shot hit you


6, declined to complain! Many webmaster forums complaining, love. I always very curious about the mentality of these people, is in sympathy with Bo Bo sympathy? What is the use? Time >

3, will advance planning! Many webmaster is uneducated, wherever, always forward, not a little tricks, hit south wall back, is a waste of your time. I love Shanghai so developed, what you want to do beforehand, must be careful to do a thorough understanding of all aspects, strategic deployment, do not fight the battle unprepared!


1, must formulate work objectives, not efficiency goal! Who do not give their own assigned target station, are looking for excuses for failure, and ultimately wasting his time in some irrelevant work. Don’t set goals, let alone to complete the goal, want to do it every day, do not want to do is empty. With the update, you lazy stop for a few days, perhaps in front of the continuous update brings ranking is a waste, this is not what the work efficiency is low? Today you slow down a step behind, I do not know how many competing owners will have more than you, you in front of the work is not in vain?

4, pay attention to the working methods, keep the pace of work and continuity, it can refer to the website in an article "Shanghai Longfeng original articles should also pay attention to working methods".

Many owners complain that

is not good, Shanghai dragon is too monotonous, too boring, too much duplication did not see results. I want to say, if you really feel like this, may need to look for from their own problems, because many owners complain behind, is actually a very low efficiency in the work, the results will slow. How to improve the work efficiency, the author summarized below, hope and friends to discuss