Shanghai dragon began the third chapter from zero Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking

I love Shanghai 2 chapters introduce ideas, mostly general to introduce how I stood in the perspective of what the Shanghai dragon. The next will introduce the details of the anchor text and text which good? Most people would say to ask this, of course is the anchor text. Then we analysis, if it is true recommend most people would choose the anchor text on the third party website or text on the third party website, this is a problem worth thinking, if I love Shanghai I hope is really recommended, then I will help text weight increase, myself repeated testing, indeed. Shanghai Longfeng students you still can not send third party website anchor text to worry about it, then try to plain text. The algorithm is algorithm of the death of the people are living, they modify the algorithm to improve the quality of search engine. So according to this way of thinking you can be considered a qualified webmaster. This is why so many training schools trained as webmaster webmaster, white, white owners do not understand Shanghai dragon they just to make their own website for users useful starting point and ideas and is not the same as the Commissioner of Shanghai dragon so they stick to it will succeed, Shanghai dragon idea Commissioner how to increase the chain how to increase weight cheating. The starting point and the white head of course not the same as the result is not the same, Shanghai dragon algorithm everything is for Internet users feel change.


introduce a little skill, can detect your website recently estimated the change in rank, a few days after your website ranking changes. Is the use of special symbols, such as the @ symbol, select your key words behind plus the @ symbol, then search, when the search for key words ranking results and you add @ the search results are not the same, with the search results than @ @ after the more that your website will continue. If you add up the rankings recently, @ search after you can not find the station, that you may be careful 2, 3 days after your ranking will fall down. The principle is like this, we used to see our website was drop right, we are helping the full title copy and then enter the search browser, then see is not in the first row, can also use domain: to determine the anti chain, in the first judgment was drop right I, in the key words followed by a love that Shanghai not essential symbols to observe the change of the keywords ranking, it is a good judge of your website recently the word changes.

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section really false promotion, recommendation problem, consider these problems stand in love in the direction of Shanghai. Love Shanghai and Chinese situation is the same, are the needs of the development of people need to encourage people to support, water can carry a boat can capsize. Love Shanghai algorithm depends on the webmaster, not every webmaster guess love Shanghai algorithm, look at the recent webmaster have some what actions you can roughly guess which will take place in Shanghai next love surgery. So there is no need to study every day in Shanghai can study their own love.

@ key words own it, the more difficult.