Liu Jun do long tail keywords fly traffic

target keywords ranking is important, but how many do website keywords? Shanghai dragon why home page target keywords do one, that is the Shanghai dragon, Sina also made a target keywords, that is the Sina brand Sina keyword. But whether it is Shanghai dragon why or Sina, they can get huge daily traffic from love Shanghai, this is the long tail keywords rely on strong flow. A website to get tens of thousands of daily traffic, we must do a good job in a variety of long tail keywords ranking optimization, optimization of Wuhan Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Liu Jun today want to talk about the long tail keywords.

and speaking in front of the situation, many webmaster to do when the chain is only to do home page links, in fact, often to the page, the anchor text for long tail keywords, insist on a period of time, there will be an unexpected surprise oh.

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2, determine what URL do what long tail keywords

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun also do a stereotype at the end, I hope everyone can do the site long tail keywords, site traffic to get a qualitative leap.


1, we must first clear what long tail keywords


many owners generally only to the inside pages of an anchor text point to the home page, this is the neglect of the station anchor text optimization of long tail keywords. The article page long tail keywords directional anchor text can enhance the effective long tail keywords ranking, bring considerable traffic to your website, improve website internal page weight effectively, in order to achieve the overall weight lifting.

is a web site if there are hundreds of long tail keywords, what URL do what keywords you need to use long tail keywords record record, so do the long tail when chaos situation. The levels of the page, column page of the article, good planning, weight high competition higher heat tail, cool on the use of the page optimization. Use the page to optimize the long tail keywords on.

4, do not forget to do long tail keywords anchor text when the external links

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun recommends before deciding to do long tail keywords what, can first study Google tools, so you can analyze more cost-effective long tail keywords. What is the long tail keywords cost-effective? Simply flow, keywords competition is relatively not so big. Speak with data analysis, Shanghai Longfeng people should develop this habit, and not to go with it. Are you sure that long tail keywords do nothing to love Shanghai search, do hundreds, have not seen what flow.

3, do stand in the long tail anchor text