The search engine links correlation principle

is in the very early, probably is when Google and other large professional search engine was born, when the search engine is often based on the matching keyword page inside, according to the relevance of keywords to rank, we should be able to imagine that when you see the ranking is certainly Its loopholes appeared one after another.. As long as you do, you add some words on the stack, "inside, or add some hot words and web content completely Never mind, can get good rankings, but also not very difficult. So, at that time the production site for ranking is easy, no optimization problem is so complicated now. Now, with the search engine algorithm more perfect intelligent search engine ranking becomes not so easy. Now the search engine on the link, increased the analysis of perfect link function, by computing the correlation between the judgment of links, so that we can reduce a lot of rubbish related links. The main is to improve the user experience.

here because of the relevance of the link, the search engine algorithm is more complex, so here not to a very specific amount to illustrate, with only a very abstract text to let everyone know the link relationship problems, let the novice friends to understand. Search technology through the analysis of the link mass content, including MATE page title, page content keywords, keyword density, anchor text analysis, to determine whether the contents of related links. This is why we are always stressed for the chain to find the same website, internal links module etc..

The correlation between

link for pictures and video search ranking using

is now included in the search engine, link factors in the rankings, increase the correlation calculation, which can make the traditional keyword matching to no way to rank files can be processed. For example, pictures, video files are not easily before keyword matching, but can be analyzed through the link, through the link information, search engines can for pictures and video content ranking. So, we can search the contents of the video pictures. People in Shanghai love is there to see, there is a different classification, search for video content, pictures, music, and so on, these optimization, the correlation is often through the analysis of these links to the content. A lot of website production company has through the video, with a lot of traffic image optimization.

The development of

links and search engine

a lot of friends that always wanted to know more of the link correlation problem, the influence of the rankings and there is no way to understand, not easy to "by means of Statistics

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said the search engine and web optimization problems today, specifically talk about search engine links on the principle of things, hoping to help the novice friends on.