Update eight discipline to Google new algorithm

?The author of the present time

10 years ago, but it is one of the most archaic means, search engine can easily judge the similar behavior.

hidden links refers to the anchor link hidden in the picture below, or the color and web page similar background, or down to see the means of anchor link hidden behavior.

so, Shanghai dragon should be how to deal with the noble baby algorithm update



two, don’t optimize keywords

good to come to the point, let us note separately on specific:


algorithm can obviously predict about penguins is: Shanghai dragon is still viable, but the black hat Shanghai dragon’s death is near.

but at the same time we can also note that regardless of the black, white, gray hat Shanghai Dragon technology website are likely to receive different effect algorithm.

! This behavior may be effective in

excessive optimization mainly refers to the keyword, meaningless mentioned keywords, over several mentioned in the article target keywords behavior.

noble baby in the search engine industry status is self-evident, even in the middle of this special environment, the webmaster can not have to face the existence of aristocratic and noble baby, baby is all the biggest source of traffic English station. However, in the new nobility baby named "Penguin" algorithm upgrade, many websites have begun to feel the impact of the update algorithm. A lot of garbage collection station station, was extremely tough and ruthless punishment, but the Shanghai dragon Er should be recognized, whether "Panda" or "Penguin", the noble baby there is only one purpose: to provide the best search results for users really want

update algorithm is still unable to predict, but all in do nobility baby ranking optimization webmaster now should cheer, wary. If your site is a new sites, yet what weight, hope webmaster must pay attention not to follow suit in the sale of links, software group chain and other risk behaviors. In addition, we should pay more attention to the official Google blog, because Google will immediately update the relevant information on the adjustment of the algorithm in the blog, but also to remind the owners should pay attention to the place and so on. So we recommend.

, no hidden links

wants to show you the content on the page that is the webmaster expected the entire content of the show. So, don’t hide any anchor link anywhere at any time

this kind of behavior is significantly affect the user experience of reading, and excessive optimization keywords the aim is to obtain a higher ranking, in this regard, the famous Google Engineer Matt Cutts specially recorded video on Google keyword density for policy: