Discussion on how to do a good job of weight and website ranking webmaster

website through the chain, love Shanghai, know Links etc.

had just started when Shanghai dragon, I have no experience in this field. After getting a good initial site, what the actual content are not yet done, confusedly presented by search engines. The result, the website second days back included. Because there is no experience, do not know the new website is not easily modified. I want to improve the site in time a little change the site title, keywords, description, including template ah what important information. As a result, the website for almost a month is not normal. Sometimes we see today are included in the article, the second day will not see the day before was included. So, we must remember: when you think the website had yet to adjust to the best state before, like don’t like me to sleepwalk on the submission of kazakhstan. Because the new station itself we started without what weight, is also in the new assessment period. Then just built new sites in the search engine’s weight itself is not high, but if we always change, the search engine may be a re examination of this website. So they are not updated snapshot, included little or simply not included phenomenon.

then, I began to update the article. Stick to update at least one article every day. Here must emphasize: for new sites we do not recommend an update too many articles. Daily update a 35 article is good. Can also be a pseudo original, just change the title, change the content of what. I recommend not using pseudo original software, because I personally feel that not to be included. The article also links, this article was collected, but also to increase the chain. You must feel very strange, why not too much time updating the article? There are two reasons. First: too much time updating the article, are not the acquisition is to copy. If your website weight is not high, many articles will be deleted. If you update every day many articles, and then were deleted, and then update the mood after? Second: if your site has been included in many articles clearly, after a while and give you deleted, disappeared. Many evil mood ah. In addition, will also have an impact on the website after the.

key two, please stick to update the content and the chain

every day


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with the updated every day, you will find the website articles have been received second. Although there will be the article to be deleted, but included the amount of overall still belongs to the rising "

for the website ranking and? Are you worried for the website weight? You or your website ranking then not sad? If yes, read my experience. The following three points will help you.

key three, increase the weight of

a key, for new sites do not easily modify site title, keywords, description, template