He is on how to do long tail keywords

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is worth reminding, not to make the long tail keywords in each article are joining the long tail keywords, this will be search engine that is cheating, not common sense, so in moderation, don’t try to do

what is the long tail keywords? For example: for I am engaged in the plastic industry, the "breast" is the key word, our analysis can be found in "breast" this word is very competitive, and its long tail keywords "best breast hospital", "Beijing’s best breast Hospital…

knows this, so how can we push the long tail keywords

if we start with a direct push "augmentation", it is very hard for a long time, can not see what effect, imagine a if you spend a lot of time and energy in this word, but it has not seen what effect, what would you mind if you want to, and to push from the "Beijing’s best breast hospital", "pull to promote breast hospital" best, then push the "breast hospital" and finally pushed "breast" so that you can quickly see the effect, on the other hand, considered from the perspective of customers. When a women want to do breast augmentation, what she search first? I think she probably will search "Beijing best breast hospital" and rarely search "augmentation".

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, when we enter a certain industry, first of all is to analyze your competition in the industry, competition is particularly intense or not much competition, the competition is not the case, we can directly push up popular keywords, and if you are in a very competitive industry, then I suggest we can start from the long tail keywords.


search engine from the point of view, for an article, the search engine will be the focus of its title, the first 100 words of the last paragraph, so we must from the title to the title to novel at the same time, the best with long tail keywords, we want to promote if not, never mind, we can the first 100 words contained in the long tail keywords, long tail keywords or containing in the tail, but do not try to add long tail keywords, the smooth, so that the spider will soon grab, because we want to promote the long tail keywords, of course not only an article containing the long tail keywords, so we can add on the last link in the article, the article in the long tail keywords link to an article or other containing the long tail keywords The article, so you can let these articles connect with each other, like a spider web, the day when the spider climb one article can be connected to other articles also grab.