That is hidden in the Google secret site quality guidelines

In fact,

after three months, Lu Zongda will have a very broken "Shuowen Jiezi" to say: "teacher, is also a bit again? I’m ready."

third times to see the teacher, Lu Zongda sent a little paint is not like "Shuowen Jiezi". He nodded and said: "go and buy this point."

later became Dean of China Lu Chung TA modern exegesis circles. He said: "this year turned rotten three" Shuowen Jiezi ", from the start of learning, easy like paodingjieniu."


long before I had the idea to look at the "guide" to the quality of the Google website. But there has been no substantive action to pay. Before this, although also have seen the "Google site quality guidelines" inside the part, but only a cursory skip. I haven’t decided to look at. But want to carefully study the "Google site quality guidelines" idea in my heart has never wavered. I recently found everyone reading "Shanghai dragon combat code" this book in the study. This book is to tell the truth I have no time to see it. As early as in the book has not come out to take a look, can wait until the real book out, but because of many excuses not to go through. I think, in many cases, there is a contradiction. But in my heart, I always know there is a Shanghai Longfeng Bible I didn’t go to study, this is the "Google webmaster guidelines".

believe that many webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon Er were like me, read the part of "Google site quality guidelines" before. We may have an idea that "Google webmaster guidelines" it seems that things are not what. It seems there are a lot of things we know. But really? I know I had to have had the same idea with you. I am not here to say what, or a reference to some of the allusions in Shanghai dragon predecessors. Shanghai dragon if it is a knowledge of words, it should be the same as all the other. Should learn from the most basic things, and under the foot. I recently turned "readers" to see a story, and we think we should share it again, the copy is as follows:

goodbye teacher, he rolled down the edge of the book, said: "buy a new point."

Kan said: "three punctuation," Shuowen Jiezi "you have learned by heart, this text, you have half, no longer point. Later, you don’t have to turn this learning book." He will book into books, this to Lu Zongda about the knowledge.

The story above

Lu Zongda zengbai Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Kan teacher. Seen Mr. Kan, not a word to Lu Zongda, just give him a book without punctuation "Shuowen Jiezi", said: "at the end point of punctuation, I see." Lu Zongda as.