Love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon revenue by artificial event

? is as follows:

we use the word "camera" to control you, look at the ranking of love Shanghai Library:

!In The results of ?According to the February 2012

more than just a little small ideas, not for Italy, if offensive, also hope to forgive me. This paper consists of:

as you can see, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index probably between 7000 – 18000, while the word SLR camera is far lower than the former, has been floating around 3300. There is also artificial suspicion? Is the keyword not higher commercial value, Shanghai love their products more in front of

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon artificial intervention event has in the past half a month, I would like to check again love Shanghai and Google search engine optimization guide at whim, now search for "Shanghai dragon" can not be found "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2.0[official version] – love Shanghai library" if the search? To be in what position? Then we again see the less than an hour of greatest artificial masterpiece effect.

on page third there is love Shanghai library ranking. It is also a library, why Shanghai Longfeng ranked in the "thousands of miles", while the SLR camera is very good rankings? Is not the two keywords, Shanghai Longfeng heat index, as the latter? Love Shanghai index we compare these two words. Figure

revenue love Shanghai announced, in 2011 almost all revenue from online advertising, net profit of 7 billion 600 million yuan. The year 2011 reported a total revenue of 14 billion 501 million yuan, of which online advertising revenue 14 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 83.1% compared to 2010 September 2001 launch of the first day of the launch! Love Shanghai auction, earned 1.6 yuan; second days earned 3 yuan, fifth days to more than 200 yuan, to 2011, the average daily earning 7 billion 600 million yuan ÷ as much as 1917.8 yuan 365=2082 million. We marveled at the love of Shanghai income growth is not unbelievable at the same time, the artificial effect also contributed to

love Shanghai to their products to give is very high, the first is to love Shanghai directly into the search box in the top 5 Shanghai dragon, try to find the page should. But unexpectedly, the top 50 was not found. The pages look too demanding, so small next use CHINAZ tools check rank. CHINAZ query ranking tool is very good, we use it to query 1000 within the keyword of the website in search engine rankings. The following figure:

from the above we can see that in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love search keywords, 100 is not ranked the love Shanghai library. Let Xiaobian think that love Shanghai Library in 1000, was not the words of Shanghai dragon ranking! It really strong artificial, terrorist

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