Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform upcoming key influence tool which in the end is what


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early in mid October issued a notice of Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, the upcoming "key influence" tool, remember that the author is quite happy, "said the official website can help webmasters to keep abreast of changes in the whole network keyword keyword". Remember that I first forwarded the article, I usually never drop things forward. Really soon, just today (of course this article I intend to release tomorrow to each platform) love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has launched a new announcement "love Shanghai search keyword tool flow and major upgrade", the author is a love of learning, the first time went to see, wow, really good, really this tool can solve the webmaster search keywords ranking of the troubles, so I want to discuss with you here to chat.

The original answer

good to see, this is the number of keywords click after entering the page, we should be able to see, the author is click on the 1-10 to enter the. The author first come, very surprised, wow? This is a guide? Ranking flow? Really for the usual work to save a lot of time, and then I looked at the influence. Some obscure, so I turned out in mid October, the official launch of the announcement and explanation, before a period of love under the Shanghai line to all shift activities, engineers answer. The author analysis, vernacular, and love Shanghai index almost, but it and guide traffic and the ranking, the number is relatively better.


"all to shift love engineers in Shanghai Keywords: this thing, our internal positioning, it is closely related with the site, but you can be the same industry and similar sites to compare, we can not ask now


click on the "key words" after entering the page, here you can clearly see that your website in the top 10, top 20, even before the 30 of the number of key words, of course, should pay attention to note: the above ranking data only calculate the site before 50 thousand keywords click Show, the excess is not. So what does that mean? Let’s just say, is the long tail word not. And on the above words, to fall out of words, I also love to Shanghai webmaster community famous moderator the eagle justice has confirmed, refers to the number of comparison with the previous day 4, the rise or fall out.

platform to launch influence tools as early as October 2015 news release, many webmaster super attention, on the day of on-line promotion will have the tools, users of network marketing platform construction engineering education network responsible person Ren Xiaoliang wrote to share posts, and puts forward some problems to the platform. Second days after the first school to reply, a "key influence" the true advent: