The quality of the core love Shanghai account keyword bidding optimization

why the relationship between the quality of degree and creative about it? For example, your keywords are for training, but your creativity is about what is the interpretation of Shanghai dragon. This is a little so the user can see wide of the mark, this is not creative after entering your website, this is not your website that phoenix nest will have high user experience, because you will not give you such creativity to improve the quality of key words.

quality is mainly reflected in the recognition of users of love Shanghai promotion Keywords and creative. The influence factors include keyword click rate, the quality of creative writing (related keywords and creative) and performance (account account other keywords effect time, account of the hit rate). Can optimize the quality of key, especially to improve the correlation between keywords and ideas, to lower the minimum price and click Show cost.

first, quality and website (landing page) user experience;

why the quality and structure of the account? An account which includes planning, unit, keywords, plans to set reasonable? Whether reasonable element? Keywords placed reasonable? General plan should be based on your project to build, several different projects can be built several almost completely different don’t, the same project built several plans. Plans to build a good future, is the unit selection, in the medical industry, for example, can be respectively arranged in each department plan, such as "male" and "women" and so on. The last is the key place, should be part of speech the same words in the same unit, such as "hospital which good" "which are the most professional male hospital" ask words in a unit. Only after the account has a reasonable structure.

third, the quality and structure of accounts;

so, what is the quality of key aspects should pay attention to it, the advertising circle think mainly in the following aspects:

quality and the user experience of the website about it? No matter what search engines (including love Shanghai), are at the core of the user experience. A web site can provide users with as much as possible, the real information, so the user will stay on the site for a long time, the love of Shanghai will give more weight. Shanghai love nest is the same, the potential customers in the search box to search a keyword and your background keywords consistent, your creative advertising will show in front of him. And then click to enter the site to search for information, if you can provide more things to him to your website, users stay for a long time, prove your website user experience to do good, so the phoenix nest will give you the key to improve the quality of.

Why would

second, the relationship between quality and creativity, and the creative quality;

advertising circle in the years of practical experience, the quality of optimization is seen as key account optimization.