Search engine optimization to achieve the ultimate goal don’t fall into the trap of optimization

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search engine optimization is ranked first, ranking in the home page, this is the number of Shanghai dragon Er target is the goal of optimization. But to do this first, things are not so simple, if you really do the optimization of the rankings, or against the search engine it, today Xiaobian give you some suggestions, we fall into the trap of preventing optimization.

webmasters to make the website chain breadth more love selected by stations to the construction of the chain. This risk is very high, Xiaobian recommend the best to do so, the search engine is very easy to recognize your way outside the chain, and then subjected to punishment. If you really want to make a station group, so please make cross link details, so that the search engine can not see, you can avoid being punished, but for the sake of insurance, or do not use this method.

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in the blog and then bring link to your website, but also a way of the chain. Perhaps many years ago, it is effective, but the current blog on the nofollow label, I do not say this label meaning we all know that this link does not transfer the weight, you leave and do not leave the link but it had the same effect. Moreover, many bloggers are sensitive to many characters, you may send text is not malicious, but because of the reason phrase into malicious information, which makes the site affected, it The loss outweighs the gain..

high quality of soft Wen can bring high quality traffic to your site, this is a high quality the chain type. What is the quality? Original, pseudo original, have their own ideas, looking for famous website submission etc. These are the embodiment of high quality. Some friends to write the article is not original, just copy and paste to the well-known websites to contribute, it must not. In another case, the article completely original, but the submission of the website is to pass, then Xiaobian recommend other sites to contribute, of course this site must be a regular website, finally included your article. An article can contribute three or four websites, this will be a little higher pass rate.


keyword optimization topics: Web site keywords optimization to no effect? "

1, a large number of mass manufacturing software

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

started the Shanghai dragon Er is sure to start the chain, and the chain is relatively dull as ditch water work, some beginners to improve the number of work, no matter how quality, a large number of the chain are made using the software. Weaving a number of chain factory, using the method of software group, will only make your website earlier shoot in the world. The chain must be hand, love Shanghai had earlier notice, all the chain reached the purpose of the act by the software group, are cheating, site will be K.

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