How to do a good job in the small website optimization


site links, check for broken links. After the completion of the construction site, we need to conduct a review of the entire site, check the link is correct, chain inspection tools best tool chinaz.

. Insist for a long time, generally adhere to the chain of about 2 months in Shanghai included the best love for more than 1500 of the chain, how do I do not say in detail! I believe we have been desperately familiar, in fact, I usually use in a stupid way in the chain. Every day I go to observe the industry website ranked outside the chain of the site before, and then put these together into the website collect chain. Generally speaking, in the first five pages of the chain belong to weight is high, these should arouse our attention, our own station also need to try to see if you can leave your links on these sites.

update, new sites, in order to obtain better weight and website ranking, to update the article, every day at least 3-5. If your time is relatively abundant, the number of articles updated daily recommended best 8-10 article. To believe, as long as.

site debugging error free, officially launched. Site procedures after the final examination is not what obvious mistakes, you can go online! Then we need in the later days of the site to optimize the step by step

has a lot of friends think website program is not the most important, as long as doing the chain and update it! But the fact is not the case, a stand, a Shanghai, the more successful station, not only is the chain and content to do good, the whole website design, keywords layout it is also very important! Do the main keywords description text links, are of great help to improve the keywords ranking


!The construction of the chain

first to choose good keywords, because this point have younger seniors talked too much, we no longer say, if you are interested in learning it can go to Shanghai dragon above WHY look at


believe that in less than 2 months, you hand the chain resources is very substantial.

website program

second, many friends mentioned the similarity problem, the page is indeed, when the webmaster the establishment of the most simple, usually a small web site template is divided into three layers, only three or so! So the search engine is not very good, in fact, we can perform some of the template design for the main may need to add a column, and may also need to add two templates, but as long as we do, it will greatly reduce the web page similarity! It is important to raise this on our website weight

Hello! Optimization on the small site that everyone is in a strange! The lack of a if I introduce some small sites in the optimization wise remark of an experienced person, the welcome Paizhuan!

!The second is the