Noble baby Urchin settings how to customize the visitor group

< option value= > "Marketing/PR" marketing / PR < /option>

sample: the visitors assigned the page to "marketing / PR" groups, in this case, the page visitors all access will be allocated to the "marketing / PR group. Call way:

In addition to the report view custom visitor groupsIn the "

< option value= "General Management >"; < /option>

, a group of visitors to set custom

< select name=mymenu>

__utmSetVar ("Marketing/PR");


< option value= "Technical/Engineering" > technician / Engineer < /option>


< option value= "Manufacturing" > < /option>

; manufacturing industry;

" > "marketing optimization;" > "; the effect of visitor group user defined report" check.

to set the visitor group, simply call the JavaScript __utmsetvar function. For example, the following call for any web page under UTM:


< form onSubmit= __utmSetVar (this.mymenu.options[this.mymenu.selectedIndex].value); >

grouping user predefined groups (such as geographical area and language), Urchin setvar (also by noble baby Analytics setcustomer) custom groups and analyze each group behavior. For example, can choose the type of work requires visitors in the form (such as technicians / engineers, marketing / PR), users can be divided into registered users and non registered users, and then according to the analysis of the visitor information browsing and purchasing behavior.


; integrated management;

< body onLoad= "javascript:__utmSetVar >" ("Marketing/PR");