How to improve the value of keywords


website keyword value, are reflected in the user search volume, the strength of the above. The first step is to start from here. We choose keywords but also several methods, love Shanghai index, Google index and webmaster query tool, but the query tool is to provide us with convenience, and does not directly bring effect. We must analyze the keyword search users, analyze their preferences, the degree of competition, by the heat, so as to find out a valuable keywords appreciation of space.

work is beautiful, then we would be much easier, as long as the keywords around selected start action. Users to search the keywords to it is the first time to find the information they want. At this time the web series will work hard, to update the content of these words in a timely manner, but also the use of the related content of the extended signings. This step, nature can seize the user, but also reflected the value of keywords strive for further improvement.

said it had to pay attention to, summary is a misunderstanding, some owners to set the key words flow, but with no related content, this cry up wine and sell vinegar behavior, not only enhance the value of keywords, will be regarded as cheating when it really optimization, tears. Pick up the sesame lost watermelon such a stupid thing, or not is wonderful!

as everyone knows the chain anchor text is also can improve the keywords in a certain extent, the value of. We set the use of their chosen keyword in the anchor text of the chain, when others see our own signature, can be directly displayed, which can not only enhance the ranking of words, but also let the user at a glance, the natural user will visit your website. Then, the chain, as long as we give users a visual impact, such as the font, color and so on, you can put his eyes attracted not only make your site keywords points, more let oneself website top.

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website is a website to set the home page so that users can search through the search engine to the site of the vocabulary, keywords can be said of a web site has no value to represent the market positioning website. Everyone wants to "web site keywords ranking, but often counterproductive, this is why? Today Xiaobian will explore several methods to improve the website key value:

for the owners to use what kind of method to enhance the value of keywords, methods are only thousands on thousands of you can’t think, not to do. Xiaobian mentioned above is only personal customary practice is mainly given as some grassroots people like me in the way forward pointing under the direction.

The first step of