The relationship between the website program and Shanghai dragon ranking

returned to the subject, in the group chat today’s people have asked about the relationship between the website program and Shanghai dragon ranking, this opportunity to talk about. Now if A and B two sites, two sites are using the same new domain name suffix, and update the same content at the same time, only two sites using different procedures, what will be the result. Some people have long suspected that the website program will affect the ranking, recommend the use of certain procedures, and lists some indefinitely reasons, this argument is really trusted you.

website program and Shanghai dragon ranking Never mind much, also do not directly affect the site’s ranking, but in some places, the owners need a little attention, selection and use of the program on the website.

Why In fact,

3, the choice of templates, there are a few template set is not reasonable, some navigation problems, some code is unreasonable, the use of such a template, affirmation of website user experience and influence, do not understand in code, or use the default template, or use trustworthy template, to ensure the safe operation of the site.

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1, select the appropriate website program, if it is the best choice of blog, blog program, if it is the best choice for the enterprise website, enterprise website program, which built up the site more professional. Some people are going to revise the enterprise website blog program mode, there are people who have modified DEDECMS types of blogs, personal is not recommended to do so.

2, select the mature site program, recommended to choose the WordPress zblog blog program, etc., content management system is recommended to choose the Empire and the weaving forum program is recommended to select phpwind and discuz. If you choose a popular program for help when they encounter problems, can not find the answer, and the popular site program, have a forum for the exchange and use of problems can be answered immediately.

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through the above analysis is not difficult to see, although the website program and Shanghai dragon ranking has no direct relationship, but Shanghai and dragon rankings have indirect relationship, if the improper use of a web application, will also impact on the website ranking.