Love where is the road of Shanghai experience

in order to make more accurate knowledge, love Shanghai will know the content extraction, upgrade to love the experience of Shanghai special content. Before the love Shanghai encyclopedia, library, new knowledge, and.

Shanghai index on love, love the experience of Shanghai famous brand even later love Shanghai travel far, do not know to love, than the Shanghai encyclopedia. Why

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two years, love the experience of Shanghai recruiting, mining content in the ordinary users through activities. In order to improve the quality of the content, but also in order to maintain their own brands, love the experience of Shanghai has cooperated with celebrities, technical experts set up a think-tank, with the cooperation of many content station. Now, love the experience of Shanghai already has nearly 50 thousand users, 500 thousand, more than 300 tanks, 200 cooperation mechanism. It all looked so beautiful.


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2. noble, without a single success. Love in Shanghai know, users answer the question is to share their knowledge in sharing their experience. From Shanghai love knows query ", there are nearly more than 50 thousand spicy chicken cubes with peanuts" article in the know the content sharing, but the content is complex, some said this, and some said that.

two years ago in October, the Shanghai born love experience. The major media have reported that a time of love experience of Shanghai became the intellectual community website, and know the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Library and a huge potential. The media industry experts unanimously optimistic about the prospects for development, Shanghai will experience that love lift after love Shanghai encyclopedia knowledge sharing another experience after the feast.

sex experience, is in fact fell in love with the sea to do their own studio, no work experience, experience of writing software and so on, the language is all their own, the authoritative. One is the position of media high-profile, is a real user privacy, love the experience of Shanghai to the embarrassing fate.



two years ago, the birth of love experience of Shanghai in Shanghai love pushing, media speculation with vigour and vitality. Two years later, the news media are love the experience of Shanghai trail, even the love of Shanghai tourism, not to mention the love Shanghai encyclopedia. Love the experience of Shanghai has become another piece of chicken ribs love Shanghai.

1. high starting point, under the feet. In 2010, Shanghai launched a high-profile love knowledge sharing love experience of Shanghai products, aroused the attention of the industry, the media, Shanghai is positioned to love another love Shanghai encyclopedia. Love is a Shanghai experience designed by others to share, through illustrations, steps to solve everyone may face in life troubles and difficulties. This means that the love experience of Shanghai is the largest user of the majority of users.