Awesome Shanghai Dragon execution directly determines the success or failure of Shanghai Longfeng op

, I know a webmaster, his promotion is very simple, is to use blog promotion, but AdSense and other different point is that he really is to stick to write original, insist that every update. Persist for 2 months, a keyword index of 30 thousand and 5 he optimized, so behoove went to the first page.


please indicate the awesome Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/u/1630240662

many webmaster complain that Shanghai dragon is difficult, but you ask myself every day you have according to the methods of other people do? Content is king, the chain for the emperor’s slogan is sure everyone knows. But really do how many people? You say you are updated every day, you are really pure manual release original article? You said you sent every day the chain, you really are in terms of quantity and quality issued the plan of the chain? Maybe you are done now, but you can stay a month, a year to

no no It is without rhyme or reason. success, It is without rhyme or reason. failure. Success and failure are the reason, perhaps you are still looking for the secret of what Shanghai dragon, don’t waste your time I advise. You just need to know Shanghai, the most basic method is enough, you really lack is execution! Now blocked QQ, not today before the completion of the task not Q, now turn off other irrelevant pages, carry out your plan immediately, now stop learning, action more meaningful than empty talk

The so-called ?Can I tell you a story about The

network of Shanghai dragon tutorial overwhelming, so many beginners do not know how to start, everyone has their own set of methods today, look at the head of the method, the method of the webmaster see tomorrow, but there is not a fixed method and implement it. The author does not discuss the method of Shanghai dragon today, because this is really too much, just tens of thousands of search, and these methods are external, today I talk about, we do optimization of failure – due to execution.


execution, as the name suggests, is the implementation of the power and strength! You have to learn the methods, using efficient, orderly and clear execution down. I also spent a short time in the A5, the new found here, there is a common problem that is the lack of persistence! What method have a look at what methods are used, but can you know, every method has its cyclical, if you do not perform in place, there is no effect. There is a saying that good, three days fishing nets two days of drying is the new Adsense metaphor.

remember: efficient execution is better than any so-called