“I see myself playing in Spain, I would like to return”

first_imgYes it’s correct. In January I had options, not only from Spain, but January is peculiar because the half of the season remains and there you need a quick adaptation. I preferred to finish the season in Nantes and my agent (Cristian Benavente’s agent is Adrián Calviño, from Wasserman) also saw it that way; When the season ends, we will analyze the options and a decision will be made. The truth is that the experience of this season is being positive for me, I consider that I am reaching my soccer maturity.Do you think your style would fit LaLiga well? Yes, the truth is that I would like to return to Spain at some point. My last experience there was in Castilla, then I went to England, three years in Belgium, Egypt, France and now, why not? It is the country where I was born, my family lives there and it is a good option.In fact, it would not need adaptation …The truth is that I grew up playing Spanish football so, as you say, the adaptation would be easier. I see myself identified with this game so direct and touch. I like to be in contact with the ball to reach dangerous areas and I try to enhance that quality. In ‘La Fábrica’ I spent many pleasant moments and I met great players like Melero, Lucas Vázquez, Morata, RDT, Llorente … Cristian Benavente (Alcalá de Henares, 1994) attends AS from Madrid, where he is confined with his family. The current Egyptian Pyramids player, on loan at Nantes, is the only former Zidane-trained Madrid player to have played this season against Mbappé. The Peruvian was in Madrid until 2015 and experienced the premiere of Zizou on the bench and the start of Odegaard at Castilla. Now, he would be close to returning to the Spanish competition for the next campaign. But neither does he forget the Copa América 2021 with Peru.How would you define your current stay in France? He had Zidane in Castilla, the best difficult teacher. Truth?He is the ideal coach for Madrid. If he has won three Champions it is for a reason. In that season he continued at Castilla and I thought it best to go out to England and he was the first one who called me to say he was delighted with me. I really appreciated that detail. In the end you get used to it, at first you freak out. He has a soccer personality that imposes by the class he showed as a player.By the way, did the arrival of Odegaard impact you?center_img He is a very quiet boy, we did not listen to him in the locker room. As I speak English, I did have conversations with him and I already saw that it was going to be very good. Great left-handed, good driving and passes into space. He will end up playing for Madrid because he manages time like nobody else and is different. He is very left-handed and perfectly managed what he wants to do.Can you imagine him with Mbappé in Madrid?Yes. I imagine it at the club. It gives me the feeling that Mbappé wants to go to Madrid. He has not renewed with PSG and if he wanted he would sign a 10-year contract. In France we all think that Mbappé will go to Madrid. My opinion is that he wants new challenges and it gives everyone the feeling that he wants to go to Madrid and that Madrid obviously loves him. I had never seen Mbappé in person and the first time was in the Parc des Princes. It has the innate physical conditions to continue succeeding. As soon as it starts, you don’t catch it and if it maintains the level it will be inherited from Cristiano and Messi.You know him well. Do you think Zidane helps that much?They are both French and communication is very important when you come to a new club and if your coach speaks the same language it is great. We are in the perfect context for him to sign for Madrid.How much does Mbappé cost?It is worth a lot, but now with all this the market is going to go down. It is Top 3 of the most expensive, the price is set by the market and I imagine it will decrease.Do you think they miss Cristiano?Perhaps last year Madrid did miss Cristiano. Now they are learning to live a little without it and they are taking more responsibility. Madrid can live without a scorer.How about Haaland?He is a born scorer. At the moment, it marks in all the equipment. Along with Mbappé, he is one of the most promising players.By the way, did you have the option to play with Spain?There was an option to play with the inferiors of Spain, but it was quite clear to go to the South American with Peru. From that I already had experience there and fell in love. They live it in another way. I was amazed at how Peruvians see their team. When I see the shirt I am representing a lot of people and all the fans of the teams support you. Being all together is the most beautiful thing.I imagine your goal is to be in the next Copa América in 2021, right?Of course. I have it in mind. I have a lot of communication with the coach and he is very attentive to how we are working. He was on the shortlist and I am in contact with him. Delighted with him, he is the best possible coach for Peru.Which player surprises you the most?I am very close to Luis Abram. Not only because of sharing agent, but because he is a spectacular person. He is a very good left-handed central defender and his season in Vélez was top. I hope to see you soon in Europe and that we can enjoy you. Incidentally, Heinze is a great coach with his own personality.And what about Advíncula?It is a motorcycle. No one beats him there. I follow him a lot in Rayo and hopefully they will go up to the First Division.Would you like to retire in Peru?I was an absolute international with Peru being in the bottom of Madrid and that marked me. I would love to play in Peru and live there. The truth is that I have it in mind. But before Peru, I would like Spain.By last. I would like you to make us a ‘promise’ … Both you and Mbappé have options to come to Spain. If this is true, we will make a draw for AS with the shirts of both of us. Do you sign it?Come on! If next year I play against Mbappé in Spain I ask him for the shirt and we do a draw (laughing).A supportive entrepreneur: “I threw myself into the pool and I am doing very well”Your lesser known side … Tell me.My sister and I founded Elevenhost. It is a vacation rental management company, decoration, reforms. Now we are focused on corporate rentals helping in the health and food sector, which is what it is about. I feel great satisfaction.There are few players like that …My sister studied tourism and we wanted to do something between the two of us. We jump into the pool and it’s going great. The company will do a year in little. Very happy to have other projects. I love the level, the passion and the stadiums in which I am playing. I am on loan from the Egyptian Pyramids and I still have two years of contract with them. It was a macro project and the truth is that they make it easier for me to go out to other European clubs. In Egypt I met Ramón Díaz, mythical of River, and I had a great experience. I only have words of thanks to the club.I have learned that he had many options to come to Spain in January, that there were several interested teams. What finally happened?last_img